Digest Email

The Digest is an email sent to advocates containing a summary of new challenges and discussions. It’s a great way to remind your members to visit your hub and to drive engagement. 

How does it work?

The email contains:

  • Challenges: The Digest Email shows targeted content that is new and/or unseen to a member since they last received it. The New Challenges section shows up to 6 Challenges.
  • Discussions Topics: The 6 most recently published topics since the last Digest went out and if they are unread by the Hub member. 

As an admin, you can configure the email on the Email / Digest Settings section of the Settings page

Delivery Days and Times

You can pick the exact days of the week to send and a specific time in the advocate’s timezone, meaning if you want your Hub members to receive the email at 12 noon, they will receive it in their time zone.

The Hub member's timezone can be set in their profile edit page under the Details Tab. Click on their Profile Photo > Edit Profile > Pencil Icon > Timezone.

This delivery time setting is currently set to 12PM EST by default to everyone.

Reply-to Email

You can also choose who will receive the email reply from Hub users who replied to the email digest sent to them. The options are hubname@email.influitive.com (which is a noreply email address) or the default sender's email address, which can be configured in the Email > General section of the Admin Settings page

Subject Line

You can customize the subject line of the challenge email digest as well as providing content for the body of the email. This can be used as custom announcement content or just an introduction to the email digest.

The Digest settings supports featuring specific Challenges and Discussions Topics in your Next digest send.

If there is no selection, the slot will be auto-populated with the available challenges. Please note that the featured list will only apply to your next scheduled digest. The list will be reset once the digest is sent and you can choose to re-add the featured challenges and discussions again.

A Status indicator will show the state of the challenge as well as it’s scheduled publish or unpublish date. Ensure that the challenge will be published on the date of the digest send.

Additionally, you can go to the Challenge's Tab to find a challenge to Feature in the digest and it will be added to the Featured list:

Autopopulation Method

Customers can also change how the digest algorithm chooses new challenges, to look for newly published challenges which allow easier control.

  • First publish date: If this option is selected, the digests email will include challenges that are initially published after the last Email Digest was sent.
  • Latest publish date: If this option is selected, the digest email will include challenges that have been re-published (published > unpublished > published again) after the last Email Digest was sent.

Custom CTA Button

You can customize the CTA button text in the email digest. When this button is clicked, it will direct the Hub members to the Hub to view the new challenges and discussions that they might have missed.

Digest Previews

Lenses functionality has been introduced to the digest to easily preview the digest for a specific member.

Administrators can also send themselves an exact copy to their inbox for further testing.


  • What is shown in a member’s preview can change based on new content that is published or what that user completes / views in the Hub.
  • In the Digest preview > Selecting a member > Send me this copy, will send you the copy of the Digest preview you've selected for the Hub member.
  • If there is no content targeted to the Hub Member, they will not receive the Digest email.
  • Clicking the "Send myself a copy" button will send you (the administrator) all the recently published challenges. This is because administrator accounts are not subject to targeting so they are able to see all the published challenges.
  • Hub Administrators will received the Email Digest as well to their Administrator accounts but they will received all the challenges and discussions that has been published regardless of targeting rules.
  • We recommend creating a test advocate account to accurately test and receive the email digest previews.
  • Please note that new users who joined in the last 48 hours before the next digest is sent will not receive the digest. This is to avoid spamming the new user with emails.

Turn the Digest on or off

When the Hub first created, the challenge email digest will default to ON. Since this email is one of the primary way to drive advocates to visit your hub, we do not recommend turning it off. However, you can turn this off by toggling the on / off switch on the right hand side of the Digest setting and click Save.

Additionally, your members can choose to unsubscribe from this email at any point by clicking the “unsubscribe” option at the bottom of the email.

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