AdvocateHub Email Overview

As an AdvocateHub Administrator, it is very important to know what emails are being sent out and when they are being sent out. In this article, we will have a look at the types of emails you can send out:

General Email Settings

You can navigate to your settings by clicking on your Admin Name > Settings > Email > General.

This is where you can update settings such as which email address will automatically be used to send emails through the hub, adding your company details to your emails, configuring your SPF and DKIM settings , and email overrides.

Welcome Email

You can navigate here by clicking on your  Admin Name > Settings > Email > Welcome Email.

You can set whether you would like welcome emails to be sent out to your advocates when they join the hub. To do so, you can check or uncheck the Enable welcome emails option. This is also where you can customize your welcome email - make it as fun and enticing as you please!

Day After Joined Email

You can navigate here by clicking on your  Admin Name > Settings > Email > Day After Joined Email.

The purpose of this email is to give an advocate that extra push to start engaging in your hub. They have just been added to the hub so you can use this mail to reiterate what they can gain from continuous engagement in the hub.

Invitation and Follow Up Emails

You can navigate here by clicking on your  Admin Name > Settings > Email > Invitations.

You send this mail out when inviting new advocates to the hub, you can send them manually or configure your email automation tools to send them out. 
In addition to the invitation email, you also have the opportunity to configure your  Follow Up Email. This mail is sent to the advocate if they did not sign up after receiving the initial invitation. This can be turned on or off by toggling the various Reminder Options. You can set how many days you want to wait after sending the initial invitation before you send the follow up to 2 days, 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months.
If you activate the Reminder Options after your initial invitation has been sent, they will still send based on when the advocate was last invited. In other words, they will work retroactively. 
Note that invitation reminder emails will be sent from the original administrator who sent the invitation, not from the default email sender.

Challenge Digest 

This email provides advocates a list of challenges that are targeted to them. The email is not sent when no new challenges have been published in the last 24 hours. Of course, advocates can unsubscribe from this email if they choose. Read more about this feature in the following article:  Challenge Digest.

Challenge Notification Email

You can navigate here by clicking on your  Admin Name > Settings > Email > Challenge Email.

Whenever you create a new challenge you can notify your advocates using this tool. You can edit the message to something suitable for your hub.

To send the email, go into the Challenges > Select the Challenge you'd like to notify advocates about > Notify Advocates > Adjust settings > Send Notification. This feature automatically includes all the advocates who are eligible for the Challenge Notification email. 

Why Did You Leave Us Email

These emails are sent to inactive advocates that have not engaged over the past 60 days. This is a one-time send and there are no follow-up emails even if the advocate becomes inactive again. This new feature sends a one-time email asking respondents to select one of 4 reasons on why they ghosted.

The data collected is available in our Reports located under the Advocates tab. This data can be used to enhance your existing re-engagement strategies.

The content of the email is not customizable.

Message Notification Email

When somebody messages an advocate via the hub messaging system, they will receive an email notification with the content of the message, unless they have "New Messages" notifications off under their  Notification settings

Here is an example of what it looks like:

Forgot Password

On your hub Sign-In page, advocates can request a password reset email by clicking on the Forgot Password? link and entering their email address associated with their advocate account:

They will shortly receive an email from with a link to change their password. 

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