Targeting Challenges to Non-Engaged Advocates

Advocates who do not complete engagement challenges in your hub, or who complete certain challenges that do not count towards engagement, will not be counted as engaged advocates.

As an administrator, you need a way to target these specific advocates with challenges that will hopefully encourage them to return.

Creating a non-engaged advocate group

To begin, you may follow the regular procedures for creating groups in your hub. You can give your group an appropriate name such as Non-Engaged Advocates.

Next, click on the Targeting tab.

For the purposes of this article, we'll add two new criteria: Not Engaged Advocates and Joined in the last XX weeks ago as seen below:

Not Engaged Advocates: Choose the length of time you think is long enough to be considered "Not Engaged." This is the period of time in which an advocate has not been completing challenges considered to be "engaging" in your Hub. Typically 3 months is a good period.

Joined in the last: Specify how long ago the advocates you want to be in this group joined. This is to avoid including new advocates who have not yet completed challenges. 

Note: "Joined in the last 1 week" = has been a member for the last 1 week.

As an administrator you can decide how long it is after an advocate joined before they are considered Not Engaged. 

You may also want to uncover how many of your advocates' email addresses have either unsubscribed or bounced. This can give you an indication that these advocates are no longer interested in being part of the program.

Non-engaged vs Engaged Advocates

Check out this article to get a better understanding of the difference between engaged and non-engaged advocates:

How does Influitive define engagement?

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