Items to Review - Approving Challenges and Rewards

What is the Items to Review page?

This page, accessible from the "Items to Review" tile on the Admin View Dashboard, allows you to approve challenge submissions and reward redemptions.

Challenges will appear here if it uses a Corporate Workflow stage and rewards will appear if they are set to require administrator approval or they have been redeemed by an advocate who has never had a reward approved before (we refer to these advocates as untrusted).

Review Actions: Challenges

  1. Approve: Advance the advocate to the next stage and award the points associated with the current Corporate Workflow stage. If this is the final stage of the challenge, the challenge will be marked as completed. Important: You cannot undo this action if the challenge becomes completed.
  2. I'd like the Advocate to try again: Send the advocate back to a previous stage of your choosing. The points associated with the stage(s) will be deducted if you send them back more than one stage. 
    1. If the advocate is only sent back to the previous stage, the points for the current Corporate Workflow stage simply will not be awarded.
    2. The Advocate will be able to edit their response.
  3. I do not want the Advocate to continue this Activity: This challenge will be moved to the "Completed" tab of the advocate's "Challenges" page with no points. The advocate will not be notified, but should they look for the challenge in that tab they will see that it is declined.

  4. Provide feedback only: If you do not wish to perform any action on the status of this challenge, and only send an update, you may choose this option. It will send a message to their in-Hub messaging inbox.

Each of the above actions allow you to choose the "Provide Feedback" option if you would like to provide reasons for your decision.

Review Actions: Rewards

  1. Decline Redemption: The Advocate will have their points refunded and will receive a message stating that their redemption was declined (see image below).

  2. Approve Without Fulfilling: This approves the reward that the advocate has redeemed without fulfilling the reward. This allows for the reward to be fulfilled later via the API via an external reward integration or manually by an admin at a later time. Once approved, the confirmation will appear like so:

  3. Mark Fulfilled: 
    1. Manual Rewards: This indicates to the advocate that you have manually sent or fulfilled their reward for them
    2. Automatic Rewards (Tango Card, Sendoso, etc): This will debit the associated account and automatically send the reward via the integration.
    3. Once fulfilled, the user will receive a notification that their reward is on it's way.
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