How does Influitive define engagement?

In this article, you will learn about how Influitive defines and measures engagement in AdvocateHub. We will also explore some best practices about how to think about and measure engagement in your Program.

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Engagement Definitions

Figure 1 - Active, Engaged, and Passive Members are being measured in the Overview Dashboard

In the past, Influitive had very specific definitions of what an 'engaged member' is that included specific types of activities. The definition has changed recently; be sure to check the new definitions below.

Your Members' engagement status will be defined as Active, Engaged, or Passive. Below are descriptions of these terms.

Term Meaning
Active Includes any Member who has logged in
Engaged A Member who has logged in and taken any action
Passive A Member who has logged in but did not take any additional action

These terms will be used in Targeting, filtering the Advocate List, and filtering Reports and Dashboards.

Best Practices for Measuring Engagement

Figure 2 - Measuring Net Engaged Members month-over-month in the Overview Dashboard

To accurately represent member engagement, Influitive recommends measuring both Net Engagement Numbers and Engagement as a Percentage.

Month-Over-Month Comparison of Net Numbers

One way to track the growth of a Program is by measuring the net number of Active, Engaged, and Passive members on a monthly basis.

By using this method, it becomes easier to identify trends and make necessary adjustments.

Additionally, this approach helps to balance out the decrease in percentage that may occur when measuring growth in a Program that is rapidly expanding.

As a Percentage (e.g. 25% Engagement Rate)

As you continue to grow your program, it is essential to keep a close eye on the ratio of Active Members to new Members.

However, it's important to consider that a larger pool of members may skew the Active rate. One way to gain a more accurate perspective is to adopt the Net Numbers approach. It's also worth noting that programs with Open Signup tend to have a lower active rate. To compare your program's performance to others, you can use benchmarks expressed as a percentage.

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