Engaged Advocates

An Engaged Advocate is actively contributing to your program. An Active Advocate includes anyone who is logging in which may include those who are reading or browsing content but not engaging. You can target these engaged advocates for challenges or rewards, which can help you target to the people using your hub the most. An advocate is considered engaged when they complete actions and have certain events logged. Advocates don’t have to complete challenges to be active in your hub. There are both challenge and non-challenge actions they can complete. Participating in discussion forums, referring customers, and updating their profile are all behaviours of an engaged advocate.

The following is a list of actions which will qualify an advocate as engaged:

Events Non-challenge Events
Advocate Acceptance Intro Questions
Provide NPS score
Comment on / Like a Challenge Response
Upload an image, video, or file
Liking in the community
Online Action
Posting a Topic 
Answer Some Questions
Replying to a Topic
Complete a Quiz
Message sent
Submit Review
Reward Redemption request
Share Link (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
Referral submitted
Twitter Post (Follow, Hashtag, Mention, Reply)
Updating profile
Share a Referral Code on Social Media Complete Daily Bonus
Submitted a Review
Location Check-in

Viewing Engaged Advocates

You can view your engaged advocates from the Advocates tab by filtering Behaviour > Engaged > Before/In the Last on the filters.


Under Reports > Overview you can see the Total of Engaged Advocates as well as more details about monthly engagement and your top advocates in Reports > Advocates.

Targeting Engaged Advocates

You can also target challenges and rewards to your engaged advocates. Under Targeting > Added by Rules, filter for Behaviour as Engaged, then set the cutoff for engagement.

For an overview of all user types, check out this article.

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