Creating an AdvocateAnywhere Challenge

Creating an Advocate Anywhere Challenge

From the Program Tab, click "Challenges" and then click the "+ Add New" button and pick "Advocate Anywhere Challenge"

From there, you will get the AdvocateAnywhere Challenge Creator which allows you to create AA challenges only. 

Make sure to add the URLs of the pages where you'd like this challenge to appear. These URLs must be on a site where you've configured AdvocateAnywhere capability. See this article to learn the steps.  

Important Note: Embed URLs are case-sensitive, meaning that and are considered different pages to AdvocateAnywhere. Add appropriate capitalization and any potential variants to the list of Embed URLs.

Check out our other AdvocateAnywhere articles to learn more.

Allowing non-registered advocates to complete challenges

Using AdvocateAnywhere, you can allow a challenge to be completed by visitors to your website, portal, blog, etc. By following the instructions we outline here, any user of your website will be able to complete the challenge. This can be a valuable way to collect information and find potential advocates. 

Here's how to do this

In the challenge Administrator Setup section (see below), you can target the challenge by NPS Score or by Groups. 

You can also select "Visitors (Unidentified Users)" for visitors on your site who are not advocates. 

What does it look like as an Admin?

At a glance, from the challenge list, you will see two tabs. One represents challenges viewable in the AdvocateHub, while a new tab shows you challenges that will be visible from AdvocateAnywhere. 

What does it look like as an Advocate?

Here's what an AdvocateAnywhere challenge looks like on external website. It will be displayed as a tab, either on the bottom or right side of the page. Clicking on the tab will pop out a challenge.

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