The Lowdown on AdvocateAnywhere

Meet your advocates on their playing field by embedding challenges with AdvocateAnywhere

Influitive has a product called AdvocateAnywhere that allows you to put challenges created from your AdvocateHub on any web page or web app whose code you have access to. Placing the challenge on a web page or site is referred to as  embedding a challenge

What does it look like?

When a challenge is embedded on a webpage, it can be visible to all people who visit that page, or it can be targeted to a group of visitor, if they are identified with their email. Users will see a square icon on the side or bottom of the webpage (as seen in the first image), and when they click on the icon, a widget will slide out (as seen in the second image). This widget slides out into the page, and contains AdvocateAnywhere challenges created with the AA Challenge Creator. 

The widget can also be embedded inline as part of the page itself, although if there are no challenges available, it will display as an empty div. 

Site visitors can submit answers to complete the challenges. When all available challenges have been completed, they will see a message thanking them for their participation.

How does it work?

AdvocateAnywhere lets you embed these 'widgets' by including a small snippet of Javascript onto your site. This code will allow us to identify which advocates are visiting your site, and capture information about their activities.

The ordering of the AdvocateAnywhere challenges works chronologically. As you complete each challenge the next oldest appears that is currently available to that user. This continues as long as the user has challenges available to them and then the widget will completely disappear from the screen.

Existing Advocates vs Site Visitors

If an existing advocate visits your website, their advocate account will be credited points for all embedded activities that they complete. If a site visitor completes a challenge that asks them to enter their name and email address for them, then they will automatically be added to your list of nominees. If you invite these nominees into your AdvocateHub, their account will automatically be credited points for all AdvocateAnywhere activities that they have completed. 

Who can set this up?

Anyone on your team with access to your website's HTML can add in the necessary code to make this work. You can find these instructions articles below:

Once that's set up, you can build challenges with the AA challenge creator and embed them in the widget. 

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