AdvocateAnywhere Embeddable Challenges - Limits

AdvocateAnywhere is mainly used for small tasks such as asking your advocate for feedback, NPS scores, quizzes, and to complete a survey. There are a few important limitations to keep in mind when creating AdvocateAnywhere compatible challenges. 

The AA challenge creator will ensure that challenges you create are compatible with embedding. 

Non-Compatible Stages

If these stages are in a challenge, the challenge will not display the embed option to the administrator:

  • Twitter: Follow, Post to twitter
  • Comment on a Blog Post
  • Reply to Community Topic
  • Referral Challenges


Share a Link

Share a Link stages provide the advocate with a unique link for that person. Because we need to know who the person is, we can only show Share Link in an AdvocateAnywhere challenge when the visitor is recognized as an existing advocate (i.e. they’ve logged into AdvocateHub recently on the same browser).

Reference Challenges

Generally, they should not be embedded due to the fact that they have many stages.

This list is expected to change as we continue to grow the functionality of AdvocateAnywhere.

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