Identifying Advocates with AdvocateAnywhere

One of the advantages of embedding challenges with AdvocateAnywhere is that they can be targeted at anonymous visitors to your site, or "guests". In order to invite them into your hub as "fully-fledged" advocates, they need to be identified by e-mail address. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished.

Identifying Advocates who have previously logged into your hub

If an advocate has logged into your hub during their current session, and accesses a page with an embedded challenge on the same device, we'll automatically be able to identify them as an advocate, without any extra effort required on your part.

Identifying Advocates explicitly

If you know who the people accessing your page are, based on login information or other website analytics tools, you can let Influitive know who these people are. This will prevent us from asking the advocate for their information unnecessarily, and allows us to target challenges.

To pass the information you know about the advocate into Influitive, include the following code below the AdvocateAnywhere embed script. Substitute <advocate's e-mail> with the e-mail of the advocate. The portion that provides the actual email will be generated from your server, so contact your system administrator for instructions specific to your company and your infrastructure. 

<script type= "text/javascript">
	email: "<advocate's e-mail>"
Hint: You can also include the title, company, or name of the Advocate if you know this information.

If advocates are not identified by one of the two methods above, they will be asked for their e-mail (or optionally their name) when they complete their first challenge (or when they are viewing a referral challenge).

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