Discussions: Notifications, Flag, Delete

Here's what this article will cover:
  1. Discussions Notifications
  2. Flagging a Topic
  3. Deleting your post

Discussions Notifications

Users can customize their email notifications for Discussions activities through your user profile settings - Change your Email Subscription Preferences. However, if you want to receive notifications on certain Topic threads, you can go into the specific Topic thread, scroll to the bottom of the page and change the Notification status for the thread. Please note that email notifications are sent if the user is not logged in at the time of the event occurred.

There are three types of notification settings:

  1. Watching: When you created a Topic, you will be automatically set to this status in order to receive notification for every reply in the Topic. However, you can still set any threads to this Watching status if you'd like to follow every new reply for the thread.
  2. Normal: Only receives email notifications when someone mentions your @name or replies to your post. Here's how to reply and tag other users: Discussions 2.0: Interacting with others
  3. Muted: You will not be notified of anything about this topic thread and the topic will not appear in the Latest Tab.

Here's what the email notification will look like when you receive it:

Flagging a Topic

If you see a Topic or a post that contains offensive or sensitive content or spam, you have the option to mark this topic as flagged to alert the administrators. To flag a specific post, you would need to click the Flag icon inlined with the post. Click the ellipses (...) to expand the menu. From there, you can choose the reason why the post should be flagged in order to notify the administrators of the Hub.

The person who's post is flagged and other users will not be notified and will not see the post being flagged, however, the administrator will see the flagged post. Clicking the link will show the user who flagged this post.

Here's what it looks like after you've marked the post as Spam:

Advocate's view:

Administrator's view:

Deleting your post

To delete your post, click on the Trash can icon. Please note that you can only delete your own post that you've created. You cannot delete other user's posts and you cannot delete the first topic thread post that you've posted.

This is what it will look like after the post is deleted.

Administrators will still be able to see the deleted post's placeholder but it will be hidden and the users will not be able to see this after the 24 hours are up.

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