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Replying to the Main Topic Post

To reply to a certain topic, choose a topic that you would like to respond to and hit (1)  Reply button in line with the main Topic post or (2) the Reply button at the bottom of the Topic. The Reply button inline with each post is meant to reply for a particular post and the Reply button at the end of the thread is meant to reply to the main topic post.

The message composer panel will slide out and you can write your reply . Check out this article for guidelines on how to create and format your reply post -  Discussions 2.0: How to create a new Topic. Once posted, here's what your post reply will look like:

Replying to a Topic Reply

When you want to comment on a Topic reply, click on the Reply button inlined with the Topic Reply post.

Your Topic Reply will show at the bottom of the thread along with an icon on the top right of the screen that shows who you replied to. 

When you click on the user's profile photo, the post that you've replied to will be shown at the top of the post.

Clicking the upwards arrow will bring you to the post that you have replied to:

Note on Reply nestings, the thread nesting shown in the image above will only appear if:
  1. You are not replying to the first post of the topic
  2. You are not replying to a post directly above yours (i.e. the lates reply).

Like a Post

To like a Discussion post, simply click on the like icon:

Tag or Mention other users

If you want other advocates to see something specific in the Discussions section, you can tag or @ mention them to make sure it catches their attention.

If you want to mention someone, use the format: @Name. When you type @ options of who to tag will appear. Click the advocate you want to tag.

Quoting Posts

To quote another member's post, begin by highlighting the portion you'd like to use. You will see a "Quote" button appear just above the highlighted text. See below for an example:

Clicking on the "Quote" button will reveal the post editor, where you will be able to add any commentary you may have.

Once you've completed your post, click on the blue "Reply" button (seen above) to post. The final post will look like the screenshot below. Clicking on the arrow on the top right hand of the quote brings you to the original post.

Receive Mention Notifications

When someone mentions you in a post, you will receive a notification including who mentioned you and a link to where you were mentioned. Click  See Post to see where you were mentioned.

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