Terms & Conditions and Advocate Consent

If you’d like to gather some form of consent before your advocates join your hub, go to Settings > Advocate Program > Advocate Consent.

If you choose to enable it, Advocates will see the Consent Page after they’ve chosen their Username and Password during Sign Up. The Consent Page will be configurable by you and include the following items

  • Your Hub’s Custom Terms and Conditions (If you’ve configured them)
  • The Influitive Privacy Policy
  • Up to 4 Consent Checkboxes with custom text configured by you

Terms and Conditions

You can configure custom Terms and Conditions that will be shown on the legal page of your hub (found at /terms_and_conditions) as well as in the Consent page if its enabled. The Terms and Conditions support markdown for text formatting and links.

Configurable Consent Checkboxes

You’ll be able to configure 3 checkboxes with custom text that your advocates will be required to check before signing up that will be unchecked by default. The last checkbox you can configure is an Email Opt-in checkbox, meaning that Advocates won’t need to check it. If they do they will be subscribed to your Hub’s email, if they don’t they will be unsubscribed. Whether you have this checkbox enabled or not your advocates won’t receive emails from your hub until they’ve made it past the Consent Flow. You can customize the text for each checkbox as you desire including using Markdown to format text or add links.

If you don’t need any checkboxes and would simply like to have your advocates see your Terms and Conditions before joining the Hub, you can do that too!

When you first enable Terms and Conditions, remember that anyone who has not given consent will now be required to, and will see the Consent Page the next time they visit the Hub.

Here's an example of a configured consent and terms and conditions page, which includes Influitive's Terms:

Currently, when configuring the Consent Page, you won’t have the option to reset consent for your advocates to have them re-consent or re-opt into email. If that is a requirement for your company, Influitive can assist you by clearing the consent for you so that existing advocates will see the Consent Page as well. if you’re interested in doing this contact support@influitive.com.

Reporting On Who Has Consented

To pull a report on who has consented and when they consented, follow the below steps:

1. In the Admin View, navigate to the 'Home' tab

2. Scroll down to the 'Activity Feed' section.

3. Click 'Export Data':

4. In the resulting pop-up, enter the date range, you would like to report on and click the 'Specific Items' radio button and being typing 'Advocated Consented' and when you see it appear, click it:

5. Hit 'Export Feed Data' and you should receive an email with the report shortly afterward!

Email Opt-In

You can add a checkbox to your Terms and Conditions that allows Advocates to opt-in for receiving email communications. This includes:

General emails:

  • Challenge digest
  • Challenge requests
  • New messages
  • Prospect accepted
  • Received feedback

Challenge and Discussion Activities:

  • Replies to a discussion topic you’re following
  • Comments on your discussion reply
  • Comments on your discussion response
  • Mentions in comments or replies

Rewards and Points:

  • Badge earned
  • Reward Filled
  • Perks Available

Advocates will not be required to opt-in in order to sign up for the hub. If an advocate chooses not to opt-in, they will be unsubscribed from all of the above emails. Afterward, if Advocates want to opt-in, they can uncheck the "Unsubscribe from all except privacy, security, and account emails" box, and choose which emails they would like to subscribe to. Same goes for those who initially opt-in, and wish to opt-out.

Advocates can edit their notification settings by following the instructions on this article.

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