Challenge Stage: Post to Twitter

Ask your advocates to tweet about you (or anything, really)!

How it works

Set up the challenge by inputting the content of the tweet and specifying the Required content. When an advocate clicks on the challenge they can alter the default text before clicking Post to Twitter. However, you can specify that a user's Twitter handle or a certain hashtag are required content. Doing this will prevent the advocate from removing that required content if and when they alter the text. 

As with the Follow on Twitter challenge, an advocate can post directly to Twitter simply by clicking the Twitter icon. This will only work if they have associated their Twitter account with their advocate profile. If they have no associated their Twitter account, they will see a note that says Connect Now! with a greyed out Twitter icon. Clicking that button will redirect them to login to Twitter and allow association with Influitive. Once that is complete they'll be redirected back to the challenge to carry on the fun. 

Some best practice tips

The Challenge Template Library includes a Tweet of the Month challenge using this stage type. Some customers set these challenges up in advance and use our visibility date settings to have them automatically published on a monthly basis. You can also add this stage type into multi-stage challenges to get a bit of social play out of a variety of your advocates' activity. For example - want your advocates to read a white paper? Or read a news article about your industry? Or just tell you a bit about how they use your product? Get them to tweet about these things as well - you love it because it adds to your social profile, they love it because it's a few quick extra points!

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