Challenge Stage: Follow on Twitter

Ask your advocates to follow you on Twitter!

How it works

Use this stage to ask an advocate to follow a specific Twitter handle. When the advocate selects Follow on Twitter, they will automatically begin following the stated Twitter handle. This only works if the advocate has associated their Twitter account with their advocate profile. If they have not done this then the button will instead read Connect Now!. Clicking on the button will prompt them to authorize Influitive to communicate with their Twitter account. Once the authorization is complete they will be redirected to the challenge to Follow the Twitter handle. 

Some best practice tips

A Follow on Twitter challenge is a great starter challenge for your advocates - you can even find a pre-existing Follow on Twitter challenge in the Challenge Template Library. This allows you to set this challenge up with just a couple of clicks and the desired Twitter handle information. Using a Follow on Twitter challenge as a Starter Challenge is also a great idea because you want your advocates to associate their Twitter accounts early in their life cycle so that they can participate in the maximum number of Twitter challenges. 

It's always great to ask your advocates to follow your company on Twitter, but you may also want them to become personally connected to your company culture by following the Twitter handles of various company personalities, executives, or departments. Socially active executives are a big trend in marketing these days, and this is a great way to increase their reach.

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