AdvocateHub Email Setup Guide


In this article, you will learn how to configure your AdvocateHub to send emails for the first time. To ensure deliverability and compliance with marketing email laws of various jurisdictions, be sure to complete each step.

Begin, by accessing the General Email Settings page by navigating to Settings > Email > General and follow the instructions below:

  1. Part 1: Send AdvocateHub emails from your domain

Part 1: Send AdvocateHub emails from your domain

As a Program Manager, you may want emails from AdvocateHub to come from your email address or the address of another member of your organization. Before you can do this, you will need to have your company will need to grant permission to Influitive to use its email domain. This permission is granted by adding two types of records to the domain's DNS records - SPF and DKIM. Follow the steps below to ensure your AdvocateHub emails have the best deliverability and open rates:

Ask your company's IT Team to add SPF and DKIM records to your email domain
Please follow the instructions in the following article to add the SPF and DKIM records to the email domain: Improving Email Deliverability - SPF and DKIM Setup Guide. You can provide the article to them directly or send them the example email provided.

What is my email domain?
Your email domain is the part of your email address that follows the @ symbol. For example, the email domain for is Your company may use a different format such as in which case the email domain is

Add the email sender as an Administrator in AdvocateHub
To use a particular email address as the email sender, it must be an Administrator. If all emails in AdvocateHub will be coming from a Program Manager who is 
already an Administrator, then there is nothing else to be done in this section.

However, some customers opt to use a group email address/mailing list/alias as the Email Sender in AdvocateHub. In those cases, you will need to add the group email/mailing list as an Administrator. Find out how here: Adding Administrators to AdvocateHub.

Choose the Default Sender
While any administrator can choose to have emails that they trigger to be sent from their name/email address (e.g. Invitations, Challenge Notifications), you must choose an Email Sender. This Email Sender's name and email address will be used for all system emails, such as activity notifications, password resets, digests, etc.  For Influitive' email servers to know where emails are sent from, you must complete this step.

While on the General Email Settings page, choose the administrator that will be used as the Email Sender and click Update email sender. Optionally, the name of the email sender can be displayed as the name of your AdvocateHub Program by checking the box beside, "Show sender name as 'Program Name'." You can decide at this point, whether emails should feel personal (i.e. come from the Program Manager directly) or come from the program as an individual entity.

In the example above, we have chosen the emails to come from with the Program Name ("The Influitive Institute") as the sender

What if I can't get SPF and DKIM added to my email domain?
Your program's launch does not need to be blocked by the inability to configure your company's email domain. If you are unable to send emails from your company's domain at this time, you must choose to send emails from your AdvocateHub's address by checking the box beside "Encountering deliverability problems?"

Now that you have completed the required configurations, we recommend sending some test invitations to various email addresses. To ensure everything is setup correctly, send emails to both company email addresses and personal emails addresses (e.g.,

Part 2: Configuring your company's address (for CASL compliance)

In order to comply with GDPR and Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  Learn more about it here., you will need to add your Company's address at the footer of every emails sent from the AdvocateHub.

To configure the address of your company, simply enter your company's physical address in the field box and click the Update Footer.

The address you enter here will appear in the footer of all emails that come from your AdvocateHub-based program. Find the Influitive address at the bottom of the email below for an example of what this will look like to your members without the Fit content to edges of container checkmark.

If it's marked to fit content to the edges of the container, it will remove the extra spacing above the content.

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