Salesforce Errors and Solutions

Check this article for the most common error messages and the solutions to resolve the error. If you received other error messages that's not listed here, please forward a screenshot of the error message to for further investigation.

Where To Find The Salesforce Error Details

You will be alerted to these errors on your Administrator Dashboard:

To find out more details on the error(s) click the View Errors button which will bring you to the Salesforce Integration page, specifically the Status Logs tabs where you will see the error(s):

Understanding Salesforce Status Logs

This section will outline Status Logs within the Salesforce integration.

Status Logs

Status Logs relate to the current state of one of the parts of the integration. This means that an error message displayed here typically means that one of the areas of the Influitive-Salesforce integration, or even all of them, is currently not working.

Status log messages have 3 columns of information:

a. Which aspect of the integration is affected ie. Bulk Contact Import, Contact Info Update, Advocacy Insights Push and etc.

b. Specific Error and suggested solutions

c. The timestamp of the error that occurred (always shown in UTC timezone)

You will see the "Resolve" button here and clicking this button will make the error message disappear. However, if the issue persists, the error logs will re-appear with the most recent error. To resolve the error permanently, actions or changes must be made depending on the error message.

List of Error Messages

Authentication Errors

Integration::Errors::LoginError: Incorrect user name / password - INVALID_LOGIN: Invalid username, password, security token; or user locked out.



Affected Area: All Salesforce integration area could be affected.

Causes: This error means that the re-authenticated Salesforce account in the Influitive integration is disconnected, either due to the user account being locked or changed (password, permissions, and etc). It could also be caused by temporary Salesforce timeout. When this happens, generally, all the toggles in the Settings page will be disabled:

Solution: Please re-authenticate the Salesforce integrations. Make sure to authenticate with a Salesforce user with appropriate permissions. If the issue persists after re-authentication, please contact

Bulk Import Errors

Error: Bulk Import errors: {followed by the description of the error}.

Affected area: Automatic Customer Data Import

Causes: The mapped Hub profile field has set picklist values that do not match the Salesforce field value that's trying to be pushed over to the Hub.

Solution: The picklist or multiselect values listed in the Hub's custom profile field must match exactly with the values pushed from the mapped field in Salesforce. More on profile fields here.

Error: Salesforce timed out : Net:: ReadTimeout

Affected area: Automatic Customer Data Import

Causes: Temporary timeout when Influitive tries to connect to the Salesforce instance.

Solution: Please click the resolve button on the error and either try running the import again (Click Run Import Now) or wait for the next import to run again. If the error still persists even after 24 hours, please try re-authenticating the Salesforce integrations. If the issue still persists after authentication, please contact

Advocacy Insights: Batch upsert errors: Invalid Cross Reference Key

Causes: This error appears when the Advocacy Activity push (Salesforce: Advocacy Insights), could not push the activity to the Salesforce contact record. This is likely because the stored Salesforce Contact ID in the Hub has been deleted or merged in Salesforce. Therefore, the activity log cannot be pushed to the Salesforce contact record because it is inaccessible or can no longer be found.

Solution: Based on the timestamp, head over to the ROI table to find the activity that's attempted to be pushed at the timestamp. Open the user's profile that matched the timestamp > Click Edit > Click "Update with Salesforce" button to pull in the correct Salesforce contact record ID. Once this is fixed, resolve the error and click on the Backfill button to retrigger another push. If you cannot detect the Hub user, please contact Influitive support ( to help find the user with mismatched Salesforce contact ID.

SFDCV1Cron: Error when upserting contact properties (individually)

Error message starts with: Error when upserting Contact properties (individaully)

Causes: The Influitive-Salesforce integration is not able to access the Salesforce contact record in order to update the AdvocateHub Date Added to AdvocateHub and/or AdvocateHub Date Joined AdvocateHub fields.

Solution: Please check the Salesforce contact (ID is provided in the error message) to see if there's any errors when trying to edit the contact record. There could be custom requirements to edit and save the contact record that's preventing the integration to access the Salesforce record. If the issue persists, please contact

Appexchange Package installation errors

Cannot install package due to Insufficient Privileges

Error: Insufficient Privileges: You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary.

Cause: The user attempting to install the AppExchange package does not have the required permissions.

Solution: The logged in user who clicked on the package download URL will need to have 'Download AppExchange Packages' permission.

Custom Relationship Limit Exceeded

Error: Custom Relationship Limit Exceeded: Cannot create new relationship. Each object can have no more than 50 custom relationships, including Master-Detail and Lookup relationships.

Cause: This error normally refers to the custom relationship (Lookup fields) exceeding the limit in Salesforce.

Solution: You will need to make space for the list of Lookup fields included in the package in order to install the package. You can 

  1. Opportunity. Here package has 2 lookups:AdvocateHub__Referrer_Account__c - Lookup(Account)AdvocateHub__Referrer_Contact__c - Lookup(Contact)
  2. Contact. Here package has 2 lookups:AdvocateHub__Referrer_Account__c - Lookup(Account)AdvocateHub__Referrer_Contact__c - Lookup(Contact)
  3. Account. Here package has 3 lookups:AdvocateHub__Referrer_Contact__c - Lookup(Contact)AdvocateHub__Referrer_Account__c - Lookup(Account)AdvocateHub__Referral_Source__c - Lookup(Contact)
  4. Lead. Here package has 3 lookups:AdvocateHub__Referrer_Contact__c - Lookup(Contact)AdvocateHub__Referrer_Account__c - Lookup(Account)AdvocateHub__Referral_Source__c - Lookup(Contact)

Nominate Now / Contact Converted Details button Errors

Incorrect Hub Mapping / Disconnected Hub authentication

Error: There was an error connecting to your Influitive Hub, contact for assistance or refer to our SalesForce Installation Instructions (Hub Id = 8ee5ae04-7a33-4f45-a930-e675c2389250)

Cause: The Hub added in the Hub mapping (with Hub ID provided in the error message) is not authenticated with this Salesforce instance.

Solution: Either authenticate the Salesforce integration in the AdvocateHub with the ID, or remove the Hub mapping of the Hub if you do not plan to nominate the users from the Hub.

Incorrect component added

Error: "Authentication Error: Sorry, we could not verify your Salesforce session. Please try logging out and logging back into Salesforce to continue."

Cause: The incorrect visualforcepage component is added to the page layout.

Solution: Please add the correct Visualforce Pages component into the Page Layout. The correct component is "ContactDetailConverted".

Referral 2.0 - Push Referral Leads to Salesforce errors

How to find error messages for Salesforce Referrals 2.0:

  1. These errors only apply if you have Referrals push set up to push referrals submitted in the Hub over to Salesforce.
  2. If you see that there are Referrals leads submitted in the Hub but did not see Lead records created in Salesforce, head over to Integrations > Salesforce for Referrals 2.0 > Logs.

  3. If you see a Failure status, click on "View results details" to see the full error message.

An example of a failure message details are below:

[{"message":"Required fields are missing: [Company]","errorCode":"REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING","fields":["Company"]}]
To help us diagnose this issue provide the following error code with any communication to Influitive support: LOID 121060295
Cause: A lead record in Salesforce cannot be created because in order to create and save a Lead record in Salesforce, the Company field must be populated. It looks like the submitted referral lead in the Hub does not have the Company field populated or there is no mapping to the Lead - Company field in Salesforce.
Solution: Unfortunately, once the referral is submitted to the Hub, the user can no longer go back and edit the submitted referral information. You would need to manually copy and create this lead record in Salesforce. To avoid this error moving forward, please ensure the Company field is asked and required in the Referral form and mapped to the appropriate Lead - Company Salesforce field.
If you have any other error messages, please forward a screenshot and the link to your AdvocateHub over to

Reference Request Errors

The reference request tool continuously loads

The reference tool keeps on loading without eventually displaying the form. Please check if you've added at least one mapping in the AdvocateHub's Salesforce integrations page > Enable Reference Request in the Hub:

Error: Something went wrong(status: Unprocessable Entity). Please contact Hub Admin.

This error appears when the Reference tool loads but you are not able to proceed to submit the reference request.

Please ensure that the selected Prospect contact has an email address in their contact record. If it already has an email, it could be caused by a temporary timeout. Please try again at a later time.

If the error persists, please submit the following information to to contact our Salesforce engineering team:

  • Is this error happening to all the selected Prospects?
  • Is this error happening to all the Salesforce users using the Reference request tool?
  • Is this error happening to other Opportunity records?

Oops there’s nothing to show here!

This error is caused by incorrect Custom settings. To fix this, head over to your Salesforce instance > Setup > Search "Custom settings" > Click Manage next to Influitive Environment Settings > Make sure the Environment Endpoint points to "".

This feature is not available on your current AdvocateHub package.

If you receive this error, please contact to enable the "Reference Automation" in your AdvocateHub's company page setting.

Still not working?

Please contact Influitive Support Team (support@influitive) with the following information:

  1. The AdvocateHub AppExchange Package version installed.
  2. Whether you are using the Lightning or Classic version of Salesforce.
  3. Is the error happening to all of the Salesforce users or only a few? It's likely a page layout or a permission issue if it's only happening to a few users.
  4. Is the error message happening to all the Opportunity / Prospect records?
  5. Please confirm that the Hub Mappings added has the correct AdvocateHub ORG ID (Admin View > Gear icon > Integrations > Influitive API (manage) > X_ORG_ID).
  6. Please confirm that the correct Salesforce ORG ID is authenticated in the Hub (Admin View > Gear icon > Integrations > Salesforce > Setup).
  7. Did you at least have one mapping under the Enable Reference Request integration (Admin View > Gear icon > Integrations > Salesforce > Settings > Enable Reference Request).
  8. Can you confirm if you've added the correct Reference Request component? In Lightning version, you need to add "RequestReferenceComponent" from the Lightning builder. In Classic version, you need to add Visualforce pages > "RequestReferenceComponentConverted".

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