Profile Fields

What are Standard Profile Fields?

Standard Profile Fields: The fields included on every Influitive user’s profile and are visible to the end-user on their profile, these include:

  • Name
  • Profile Image
  • Job Title
  • Company

Few notes about Standard Fields capabilities:

  • These fields titles (E.g. looking to change 'Company' to 'School') cannot be customized.
  • The field values can be edited or changed by the end-user through their Profile Edit page.
  • Administrators can also edit the values of these Standard Profile fields through the user's profile page > Edit > Save. However, we recommend administrators to be careful in changing information on joined advocates since it can lead to a poor user experience when the user has initially updated these Name, Title and Company information.

What are Custom Profile Fields?

Custom Profile Fields: The fields created by administrators for custom values they would like to store. By default, end-users don’t see these fields on their profiles. They will be able to see the field when the "Show on profile" option is checked while creating the custom profile field. You can create as many as you'd like and name them whatever you'd like as long as it's not a duplicate of an existing profile field.

Note: Previously called Match Categories or Match Criteria.

Some examples include:

  • Industry
  • Product Used
  • Department
  • Birthday
  • Account Owner
  • Reason for Joining
  • Customer Journey Stage
  • Renewal Date

The main purpose of custom profile fields is for segmentation of your advocates for reporting and targeting.

Create Custom Profile Fields

To create new custom profile fields, go to Settings > System > Profile Fields > Add Profile Field. Watch the video or follow the instructions below.

Add the Name of your new profile field and Profile Fields can be created as different Types:

  1. Text
  2. Single Select Picklist
  3. Multi Select Picklist

Selecting Text will show the field as a free text field:

While selecting Single Select or Multi Select  Picklist will show the field as a dropdown with the Options that you've added:

Single Select Picklist

Multi Select Picklist

Once created, you can view the values of a current advocate's custom profile fields, go to their profile page, click Edit, and choose the "Custom Profile Fields" tab. You will be able to manually type in or update the fields from here.


  1. You will not be able to change the field Type once the members have data in the profile field, so be sure to carefully choose the appropriate field type.
  2. Normal Text Profile fields can also contain multiple values, but are not validated against a pre-set list!

Visible Public Custom Profile Fields

Profile Fields can now be made visible to members on their profile only. 

This feature enables Hub member to see and update the data points that are important to the program thus keeping their data up to date and accurate. This field will not be visible to other members of the Hub, it is only visible to the profile owner.

How public profile fields works:
  • When creating a profile field, admins can choose the profile field type and whether it will be visible to members. Members can see these fields on their profile and can update with text or a single select picker. Here's How to Edit Your Advocate Profile.
  • Admins can set a type on their profile fields to pick list while providing the input options that will be presented to members.
  • Field Type cannot be changed, nor options modified if data value already exists in a field for a user.
  • Customers can also map to their picklist profile fields in a Challenge Question Stage, in which case the options to choose from will be pre-filled into the question.
  • Pick list values can be used in anything targetable.
  • When importing data from Salesforce for a picklist field, only a valid option will be accepted. The values in the Profile fields options need to exactly match the value options in Salesforce.

Profile Fields on Sign Up or Request Access Page

The standard fields the users see upon Hub sign up are Email, Name and Password. However, if you're looking to get more information on the users from when they sign up, you can select and set Profile fields to appear in the Hub Sign Up page for the members to fill out during the signing up process.

Note: This is not supported in Hubs with Single Sign On enabled.

When creating the Profile field, mark the " Show on sign up form" or "Show on request access form" checkbox. Mark it as Required if you would need the field to be answered in order for the members to sign up.

Here's what it will appear in the Sign Up page:

Here's what it will appear in the Request Access form. Only available if you have Request Access Login Type in your Hub.

More notes about Standard Fields capabilities:

  1. All Profile Fields can be used to create targeting rules for Groups, Challenges, Rewards, etc.
  2. You can view the custom profile fields on the Members > Advocates Tab page. To do this, you will need to add the custom columns: Managing Custom Columns in Advocates Tab
  3. Currently, only text fields are supported in Custom Profile Field.
  4. There are 255 character limit on each Custom Profile Field.
  5. Deleting the Custom Profile Field from the Admin settings page will also remove the profile field values from the Hub. There is no way to retrieve it once deleted so please be careful.

How do I update Custom Profile Fields?

There are four ways that the administrators can update the Custom Profile Fields:


Manually update by editing the user's profile

This method is most suited when you only need to update a few advocates' profiles. To do this, navigate to the user's profile, click on the blue  Edit button, and then click on the Custom Profile Fields tab. Don't forget to click Save Profile when complete.


Bulk Update using a CSV Import

If you would like to update several advocates all at once, this is the ideal solution. To do this, you will simply need to include the user's email address and the Custom Profile Fields data that you wish to update in the CSV file. You can leave the rest of the columns blank. Importing blank values does not overwrite or erase previously existing data.

Please view the Managing Multiple Advocates with a CSV Import article for a deeper explanation.


Salesforce integration via the Automatic Customer Data Import

Administrators can pull data from SFDC into Custom Profile Fields. Please view the Automatic Customer Data Import article for a deeper explanation.


API Call Request

Profile fields can be updated via an API Request -


Challenge Response Mappings

Challenges can be configured to map responses to a profile field. Please view the Profile Field mappings for details.


SSO Parameter Mappings

Populate profile fields information from your SSO (Single Sign On) portal by setting the parameters mappings. Please view the SSO Parameter mappings for details.

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