Khoros Community Integration

This article covers the following:


The Influitive-Khoros Integration allows you to embed Challenges and other Influitive components directly into your Khoros Community, enabling you to surface advocacy requests, customer engagement campaigns, and other customer marketing programs to your Khoros Community Members. 

Challenge Carousel

Use the Challenge carousel to display calls to action directly in your Khoros Community. Here is an overview of the Key Features supported in our Challenge Carousel:

  • Khoros users will see the Challenges they have available respecting all targeting rules setup in Influitive. 
  • Khoros users who are not members of Influitive will not see the Carousel or any Challenges.
  • The Carousel can be placed anywhere on the page and on any page you'd like.
  • You can configure only certain Challenge Types, Channels, or specific Challenges you'd like to appear
  • Khoros users who have not had their email verified will not see the Carousel

Recruitment Component

Use this component to recruit members of your Khoros community into your Influitive Program

  • The Component only appears to those who are not members of the Influitive Program
  • Easily click the Sign up button which uses a Join Code that the user can use to join the program
  • Configure the text and media included in the component to entice new members to join


You can now leverage Influitive points to drive engagement within your Khoros Community to users who answer questions in the community! Here is an overview of the key features of Bounties:

  • Award points to users who's Reply is chosen as the Solution on posts within Khoros
  • Bounties can be made available to Everyone in your community or a subset of only Influitive members based on your Influitive Groups
  • If a user completes a bounty who is not a member of Influitive, they will be added to your Invitation list and continue to accrue points. You can choose to formally invite them into Influitive at any time!
  • When a user earns a bounty we will send them an email notification letting them know they have earned the bounty.
  • Use the Bounties Board component to showcase bounties that are available to users and place it anywhere in your Khoros Community

Learn more about Bounties Here

General Setup Instructions

Enable the Khoros Integration in the Influitive Integrations Page

  • Login to your hub as an administrator.
  • Go to the integrations catalog page
  • Click Manage on the Khoros Integration card
  • Click on Enable Integration

Generate a new Khoros App & Credentials

  • Login to your Khoros instance as an administrator.
  • Go to Community Admin > System >  API Apps
  • Click Create Web App

  • Choose a Display Name (example: Influitive Integration)
  • Add the Redirect Authorization URL in the format below (If you have a custom domain, use that below):
    • https://<your-influitive-domain>/users/auth/khoros/callback
  • Click Save

Complete the OAuth Setup within Influitive

  • Login to the hub as an administrator.
  • Navigate to the Khoros integration page
  • Enter your base Khoros URL
  • Enter your Client ID that you generated above.
  • Enter your Client Secret that you generated above.
  • Click Save.

  • After hitting save, click on the “Authenticate with Khoros” button

  • Navigate to the Studio > Components page of your Khoros Instance and Click New.

  • Enter the name of the component you want to create and then click on the “create” button. An example name is: Influitive_carousel.
  • After this you will see the component screen you have created. In the Content area we will paste the script from Influitive we are about to get.

  • Navigate to the Influitive Khoros Integrations Page. Under the Challenge Carousel dropdown, you can configure:
    • The Maximum number of challenge that will appear
    • Which status of Challenges to show, Available or Completed challenges.
    • Which Challenges should appear based on their Type, Channel, or if you only want specific challenges to show up. Keep in mind, if choosing only specific Challenges, this will override the Challenge Type and Channel selections.
  • After configuring the component, copy the script tag in the grey box and paste it into the Component Content in Khoros, and click save.
  • After creating the Component, click on the Page tab and select the page where you would like to add the component
  • Find the custom Carousel component you created and drag it onto the page in the desired section

  • After confirming the position of the component click on the “save” button below to save your changes in the layout.
  • Now that you've added the component, preview the page to test that the carousel is appearing. Make sure you have challenges published in your hub that are visible to you and that your Khoros email matches either an admin or user's email in Influitive.

Adding the Recruitment Component

Copy the Influitive Script for the Recruitment Component

  • In your Influitive Admin area, go to the Integrations page and click on the Khoros Integration card. If you're not seeing this integration card reach out to your Influitive Account Team.
  • Open the Recruitment item and configure the options included such as Title, Body, Image, and the Group Join Link to use.

  • Once you've configured the component to your satisfaction, copy the script tag below, it will be needed in Step 2!

Create the Custom Component in Khoros

  • Open your Khoros Community and Login
  • On the right of your navigation bar, you can see your profile avatar as shown:

  • Select the Studio from the dropdown and it will take you to the studio page.
  • Now click on the Components tab in the studio
  • Click the New Component button:

  • In the popup, enter the name of the component you want to create and then click on the Create button. An example name is: Influitive_recruitment_widget
  • After this you will see the component screen you have created
  • Now paste in the Script tag you copied in Step 1 into the Component content box and click on the Save button:

Add the Component to your desired Page

  • Click on the Studio > Page tab, then click on the Change link:

  • Search for the page that you want to add the Recruitment Component you created.
  • In the search input in the sidebar, find the Recruitment Component you created and add it to the page in the location you'd like

  • After confirming the position of the component click on the Save button below to save your changes in layout.

Adding the Bounties Components

There is are additional setup steps needed before you can begin adding Bounties.

Create a new Bounties API App

Similar to the General Step above, we need to create a new API App specifically for Bounties

  • Login to your Khoros instance as an administrator.
  • Go to Community Admin > System >  API Apps
  • Click Create Web App