Standard Reports

The Reports tab is subdivided into three sections:

  • Standard
  • Personal
  • Group Reports

This article will cover Standard reports. Standard reports are singular reports that are pre-built by Influitive and live in every hub by default.

There are currently four Standard Reports that we have created for you:

1. Admin Audit Log

The Admin Audit Log contains a history of actions taken by Administrators in your hub. This is helpful to get a sense for the types of things Administrators are doing when they’re logged in. The report includes:

  • Administrator Name
  • When the action occurred (Occured Time)
  • Type of Admin action
  • The area of the Hub where the change / action happened (Model)
  • The specific fields within the Hub area (Property)
  • Current Value and Previous Values of the Hub field

2. Challenge Publishing Calendar

This report uses a visualization called Calendar Heat Map. This report will show you the frequency of challenges being published in your Hub. If you hover over the calendar, you can see in the details the date and the count of published challenge on that date. The darker the colour shows the higher frequency of challenges being published on that date.

You can use this Calendar as an overview of published challenges counts as well as future scheduled to published challenges. Learn more about Scheduling Challenges here.

If you click on one of the dates, an Explore drill window will appear. Here you can see the list of challenges that were published on that date in details. If you click on the ellipses next to the Challenge Name text, there will be a shortcut you can click to go and view the challenge.


  • All challenge status (archived, unpublished, expired) challenges will also be included in this data. This report will be based on the date the challenge was published, not the current status of the challenge.
  • This report includes the Last published date for a challenge. Meaning, if the challenge have been republished, it will count the second time it’s published as the challenge published date in this report.

Further, you can use the filters above to choose specific Challenge Types, Challenge Creator, Challenge Published Date or the specific Channel the Challenge is published in.

3. Email Bounce

This report will show you the email delivery errors from the emails sent via the Influitive Hub to your customers. Here are the common errors and what they mean:

  • 554 5.7.1 [internal] recipient address was suppressed due to customer policy: This means that the customer’s email domain may have specific firewall or restrictions that blocked the Influitive Hub emails. The user need to whitelist the Hub email sender's address.
  • 554 5.4.4 [internal] Domain Does Not Exist: This means that there could be a typo on the user’s email address as their email domain cannot be found.

4. Email Delivery

This report will show you the email delivery stats for Sent and Delivery Count, Delivery rate, Unique Open rate, Open rate, Unique Click Count, Click Rate.

Here are the types of Hub email included:

  • Challenge Digest
  • Challenge Promotion Email
  • Invitation and 
  • Welcome
  • Why Did You Leave
  • Forgot Password
  • Day After joined
  • Message Received

5. Onboarding Funnel

The Onboarding Funnel reports on the completion rates of the Onboarding process. This allows the Program Managers to see exactly where members drop off during the Onboarding process.

6. Top Search Terms

This report is used to see what members are searching for in the Search bar inside the Hub. These searches are done via the Discussions Search Bar.

Search Count: The number of times this search term has been searched for

Click Count: The number of times a search result has been clicked for a specific term

At the moment, these Standard Reports cannot be customized in this view. However, you are more than welcome to use the Explore functionality to deep dive and create a new custom report for you to save. Here’s how to create a custom report: Creating Custom Report from Scratch.

For Reporting terms and Glossary, please see: Reporting Data Dictionary.

If you have any ideas of new Standard Reports we could add, please feel free to contact your CSM to provide these suggestions or submit a ticket to so we can log the requests for our Product Team.

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