ReferenceEdge rewards Reference Program Members with Points for completed activities. The Influitive Hub likewise rewards Advocates with Points for completed activities. The Reference Program Members in ReferenceEdge and the Advocates in the Influitive Hub are frequently the same ‘real’ person. With this integration, the two systems 'talk to each other' in a number of ways:

  • Issue or redemption of Rewards
  • Create Nominations or Reference Profiles
  • Create Challenges
  • Update Challenge Status


In order to accomplish the integration of Influitive with ReferenceEdge, there are certain settings that need to be configured:

Remote Site Settings

Configuring Remote Site Settings is necessary whenever a user tries to access a third-party site from a Salesforce environment. This ensures that the third-party site the user is accessing is authenticated with Salesforce, providing a first level of security when trying to integrate with them. The steps required for this set-up are as follows:

1. Click the Setup button and type “Remote Site Settings” in Quick Find / Search bar.

2. Click the New Remote Site button

3. Fill the Remote Site Name, Remote Site URL fields and enable the Active checkbox. The Remote Site URL is 

4. Click save.

Custom Settings

The following fields should be populated on the RefEdge Custom Settings page in ReferenceEdge:

  • Is Influitive Integration Enabled: This checkbox field should be checked in order to integrate with Influitive. This should be the very last step that occurs after all other Settings have been configured. 
  • Create Advocate Reference Profile: Check this field to create a Reference Profile for a Contact directly when a new Advocate joins the Influitive Hub. When unchecked, a Nomination will be created in ReferenceEdge.
  • Influitive API URL: It is the Influitive URL that ReferenceEdge will access to integrate. The URL will be 
  • Create Nominees: Check this field to create a record of Nominee in Invite List (with the Status- Not Invited) in Influitive whenever a new Reference Program Member gets added in ReferenceEdge.
  • Influitive Auth Token: It is the Authentication token provided to ReferenceEdge to access the Influitive site. This can be found in the Influitive API Integration card in the Influitive Hub. (Settings > Integrations > ReferenceEdge > Setup)

Influitive Settings

Setup: Go to Settings > Integrations > ReferenceEdge > Setup. Enter the details of the ReferenceEdge org (org id, user id, and password) that you want to integrate. Be sure that the User_ID has sufficient permissions to perform all the activities in Salesforce and ReferenceEdge. 

Referenceability Types, Event Types, and Challenge Types

Each Referenceability Type in ReferenceEdge should have an equivalent Custom Event Type in the Hub for the successful creation of an issue transaction. Similarly, a Challenge will be posted to Influitive successfully only when there is a matching API template code in the Hub for the selected Referenceability Type in ReferenceEdge.

Create Referencability Types

  • Create a Referenceability Type of the type Non-Reference Activity in ReferenceEdge. It would be logged in ReferenceEdge from Influitive when a Challenge is completed but the Challenge Type does not match any Referenceability Types by name.  
  • Ensure that for each Referenceability Type the Challenge Type and Referenceability Code are populated with the same API Code as seen in the associated Event Type in the Hub.

Note: Please append these API codes with 'refedge_'. For example, if you have one called 'site_visit' it should be 'refedge_site_visit'

Create Event Types

Go to Settings > Scoring & Achievements > Event Types.

Create an Event Type for each ReferenceEdge Referenceability Type that could be posted to Influitive. For example:

  • Create a Custom Event of the type Non-Reference Activity with the API Code – Non-Reference Activity. It would be logged in Influitive from Reference Edge when there is a logged Reference Activity where the Referenceability Type did not contain an Influitive Event API Code.  
  • Create an Event Type with API code – expired rewards. This allows you to run the batch “Sync Rewards to Influitive”.
Create Challenges
  • Create challenge templates for each ReferenceEdge Referenceability Type that could create a Challenge.
  • Each ReferenceEdge Referenceability Type that could create a Challenge will be categorized under the Challenge Type “Reference”.
  • Ensure that the API Template Code for each Challenge Template matches the Referenceability code for each Referenceability Type (ReferenceEdge > Referenceability Types > Influitive) 




When you have completed the steps above, you will need to activate the aspects of the Integration. You can do this by navigating to the ReferenceEdge Integration card in Influitive and opening the Settings tab. Once you get here, simply toggle the aspects of the Integration you want to utilize to 'On':


Sync Points

Send Advocate's Challenge participation, referral progression, and any Point adjustments to ReferenceEdge with Reward transactions.

Send Challenge Status

Synchronize the Challenge Status (Published, Unpublished) back to the Reference Request in ReferenceEdge when the Request is tied to a Challenge.

Send Advocates

Create new Reference Profiles or Nominations within ReferenceEdge when a new Advocate joins the Hub.

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