Creating and managing challenge templates

You can turn any challenge into a template so that it can be used over and over again. In this article, we'll show you how.

Creating a template

1. First go to the challenge you are looking to re-use.

2. While on that particular challenge's details page, click the pencil at the top, and choose Save as Template

3. From there, fill out all of the Challenge Template Details fields except for API Template Code. Ignore that one, unless you were specifically directed to fill it out. You can start typing in the "Template Categories" to create your own.

4. When you are all set, save your template, and it's ready to go for next time you need it.

Accessing your Custom Templates

Once you create a template it will be found in the My Templates section of the Challenge Template Library. As with the main library, your templates are searchable and discoverable by making use of the category filters.

Editing and Deleting Templates

When you click on one of the templates you have created, you will have the option to edit it or delete it. You can do so by clicking on the appropriate button at the top. This is not possible for templates which you have not created (i.e. those created by Influitive).

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