Overview: TrustRadius and Influitive

Influitive works with TrustRadius to save you time and provide a seamless experience for your advocates providing valuable reviews.

You can setup this integration to:

  • Create a challenge to leave a review on TrustRadius and Reward points to an advocate when their review is published after
    • When an advocate clicks through to TrustRadius and leaves a review, the challenge will be automatically completed shortly  afterwards . The challenge completion can be triggered when a review is submitted or published.
  • Create advocates when TrustRadius reviewers opt-in to learn about reference programs.
    • Reviewers can opt-in to this via the "interested to learn about reference programs" question at the end of review authoring. The reviewer will be added to your Influitive Hub Invite List with source listed as TrustRadius, you have the option to send the reviewer an invitation to join the hub.
Setup in TrustRadius Integration
Question asked at the end of the review

Note: This Integration is still in Beta phase. Soon you will be able to set the API keys yourself through the Vendor portal. If you have any feedback, please let us know through

In Influitive: Enabling the TrustRadius Integration in your AdvocateHub in the Integration Library

  1. Go to Integrations under your name on the top right corner of the screen and find the TrustRadius listing. Click Enable or Manage.
  2. Then select the Authorization API Token and X-ORG-Id to your clipboard

Connect TrustRadius with Influitive

Copy your TrustRadius Integration Authorization Token and X_ORG_ID to your clipboard

  • If you are already an existing, paying Customer of TrustRadius, send an email to your customer success representative (TrustRadius Account Manager) and paste your API key and X-Org_id into the email.
  • If you are using a Free TrustRadius account, send an email to with the API Keys by pasting them (CTRL-V or CMD-V)

    You can use the following template for your email:


    Subject: Influitive Integration Request


    Please enable the influitive integration with the following authorization token and x_org_id:

    Authorization token:


TrustRadius will follow up and inform you once the integration has been enabled. More information on how to access Influitive integration in TrustRadius can also be found here -

Note: If you have multiple product review page, you would need to add Influitive API's Authorization Token and X_ORG_ID to every product review page that you have with TrustRadius.

Create a new Custom Event API Code

  1. Login to AdvocateHub, click on your name in top right corner of the menu and Select "Settings"
  2. Navigate to "Scoring & Achievements" then "Event Types"
  3. Click "Add Event Type" button
  4. In the Name field, enter "TrustRadius Review"
  5. In the API Code field, enter "TrustRadiusReview" 
  6. In the "Description" field enter "has had a TrustRadius review published" (this text message can be customized by you).  Optionally, if you'd like advocates to see an item in their activity feed - check the Box labeled "Show on Advocate Profile".
  7. Under Notifications section, in the field "Title" you can enter some text such as "Thanks for your review!"
  8. Under Notifications section, in the field "Text" you can enter a message such as "Your review helps other marketers make informed decisions when they are considering PRODUCT_NAME"
  9. Click Save.

Once you're all set up and ready to go, you can move on to creating the AdvocateHub/TrustRadius challenge.

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