TrustRadius Integration: Creating a TrustRadius Challenge with Auto-Verification

Now that you have configured the integration in Influitive and TrustRadius, you can create a challenge which automatically verifies whether or not a review has been submitted to TrustRadius.

Please note that TrustRadius Team will perform a quality assurance process for reviews submitted before publishing it to the page, therefore, not all review submission will be eligible to be published. Any questions about this, please contact

Part I: Creating a TrustRadius integration challenge

1. Head to Program > Challenges > Add a New Challenge > Blank Challenge.

The icon of the stage will look like this:

2. Once the  API Integration stage is added to your challenge, it should appear as below:

3. Enter the API Integration stage to edit.

Stage Description

You must include a specially formatted link to your product's TrustRadius reviews page in the Stage Description. This will allow the challenge to recognize who has actually submitted and written a review.

1. In another tab/browser, go to your TrustRadius product page on - (you can search for your product and find the URL when you see your product), and copy its URL. In this article, we will use Influitive’s own product page as an example:

2.  Head back to the tab/browser with the challenge, and in the API stage, paste your TrustRadius URL in the Stage Description.

3.  Copy the following text, and paste it directly after the TrustRadius URL (without any space in between):


4. Using markdown, add a text advocates will click on using the following format [Link Text]( Replace the bolded text below with your own information:

[Review Product Name on TrustRadius!]({{}}&target-influitive-stageapicode=UNIQUE_API_STAGE_CODE&target-influitive-stageeventtype=TrustRadiusReview&target-influitive-trevent=submit-review)

Using the Influitive example, it will look like this: 
5. If you're looking to make the challenge completion based on the publication of the review, please use the following URL instead. Notice that the end of the URL changed from submit-review to publish-review.

[Review Influitive on TrustRadius!]({{}}&target-influitive-stageapicode=tr-review1&target-influitive-stageeventtype=TrustRadiusReview&target-influitive-trevent=publish-review)

API Stage Configuration

1. Set the "allowed event types" to: TrustRadius Review

2. Set the API Code to tr-review1 (or the unique API Stage code)

Finalizing the Challenge

When you're done with all the technical details above, like any challenge, all that's left is to assign a point value, Save, target and Publish it. 

NOTE: It is important that you publish the challenge - otherwise, the integration will not work.

Part II: Setting up additional TrustRadius challenges

If your organization has multiple products, or you want to create a separate challenge for a campaign, you may find yourself in need of a second (or third) TrustRadius review challenge. No problem! To execute this, you'll need to understand a couple of things about the stage configuration we discussed above.

Key Point #1: 

The API Code field in the API Integration stage must always be identical to the target-influitive-stageapicode= portion of the TrustRadius URL you send advocates to.

Key Point #2: 

The API Code and the URL value target-influitive-stageapicode= values must always be unique for each new challenge you create.  This lets TrustRadius know which challenge should be completed when that product is reviewed.

Thus, when you create new challenges, just change the API Code (to whatever you want - as long as it is different than the other challenge stages) and the target-influitive-stageapicode= value in the URL and you're all set. Remember that these must always be different than the values used in other challenges.


Challenge #1
Challenge #2 (Same product, different campaign)
Challenge #3 (Different Product)
  • URL to link to:{{}}&target-influitive-stageapicode=tr-review-OTHERPRODUCT&target-influitive-stageeventtype=TrustRadiusReview&target-influitive-trevent=submit-review
  • API Code: tr-review-OTHERPRODUCT
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