New Member Permissions

If you have enabled  Open Signup in your Hub and/or you have Public Community and Advanced Referrals enabled, you may want to configure the experience for nominees. In the New Member Permissions settings which is located under the System Settings tab, you can configure which tabs are visible to nominees.

It is important to know that if these tabs are enabled, targeting takes precedence. For example, if the Rewards tab is enabled, but there are no rewards available to nominees, they will not see the Rewards tab. 

If that tabs are disabled, this supercedes targeting. That is, if you have challenges targeted at nominees, but the Challenges tab is disabled, Advocates will not see challenges. Below is a summary what happens when these tabs are disabled:

Home/Challenges: Disabling these tabs will prevent nominees from completing challenges and from submitting referrals. 

Rewards: Disabling this will prevent nominees from seeing rewards (regardless of targeting)

Community: Disabling this will hide the Community from nominees.

Referrals: Disabling this will prevent nominees from seeing the referrals tab and providing referrals

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