Enabling Open Sign-up

Enabling Open Signup will allow anybody to join your Hub. They will not require a join code or invitation to do so. Once you enable Open Signup, you can choose whether new members will be created as nominees or become advocates right away.

You can access the Open Signup settings by going to  Settings > System > Login / Security

Step 1: To enable open signup, simply select the "Enabled" option (see below).

Step 2: Decide how new open signup members will be treated, by selecting an option in the menu beside "Create new members as." Here's an explanation of what these two options mean:

Nominees - New members will become nominees and will have access to all tabs which you have enabled in the New Member Permissions settings.

Advocates - New members will become advocates and will have access to anything which is targeted to them.

Note: Regardless of these settings, new members that signup from a group join code, experience URL, or an email invitation will still be created as Advocates.

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