Unpublished Vs Expired

Are you curious to know the difference between Expired and Unpublished? This article will walk you through it.

The Not Published tag will be displayed once a challenge or reward has been created but not yet published. The tag will be displayed under the headline of the challenge, on the Challenge Editing page and on the Challenges tab. A challenge could also be marked as Not Published if the administrator manually unpublished the challenge. An unpublished challenge will not be visible to advocates until it is published.

The tag Expired is slightly different from Not Published. When the challenge is published using the Publishing Options and the end date is set then the challenge will be unpublished at that time and date indicated. The tag Expired will be displayed under the headline indicating that this challenge was once published but the given publishing time frame has ended. 

In the Challenges tab, you are able to filter for Expired or Unpublished challenges using the filter options in the right margin.

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