Archiving a Challenge

When a challenge is no longer relevant or should be removed for any reason, it is time to  archive that challenge. An archived challenge is no longer visible in the Challenges area by default and can not be completed by your members. It will still be included in relevant reports.

It is important to remember that if somebody has begun completing a challenge (is in progress) they will not see the challenge anymore if archived. On the other hand, if the challenge is unpublished, members who have not completed the challenge but are in progress will be able to complete it.

You should archive challenges when it is time to unpublish them and they are not needed anymore. Archived challenges can be recovered at any time. Archiving a challenge is handy because, unlike deleting a challenge, you will be able to access the response data later on if you need it again. You should always archive Challenges that have any member activity because the data will appear in reporting. It is not recommended to delete challenges as all of their data will disappear too.

To archive a challenge, find the challenge in your Challenges  list in Administrator View. Click on the  pencil icon on the left-hand side. Select Archive

You can unarchive your challenges just as easily by  filtering your challenges for archived challenges, finding the challenge, and unarchiving it in the drop-down menu.

You cannot archive a challenge if you have any corporate confirmations pending approval. 

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