Salesforce: Nominating Contacts In Salesforce To Your AdvocateHub

Your Salesforce is full of potential advocates. With the nominate button, you can make it easy for other members of your organization to suggest all-star customers for your Advocacy Program.

Adding the Nominate button to the Salesforce Contact Layout

Once logged into Salesforce, follow these steps:

1. At the top of the Salesforce homepage, click Setup.

2. On the left side of the page, under the Build heading, click Customize > Contacts > Page Layouts.

3. Click Edit next to the page layout that you would like to contain the nominate button. You should add the nominate button to each of the Salesforce user types that should have the ability to suggest advocates.

4.  Find "NominateContact" under the Visual Force page section of the layout properties, and drag NominateContact to the desired section on the page layout.

5. In the section that you just added NominateContact to, click the wrench for additional properties.

6. Make the height of the visual force page 150 pixels to minimize the real estate of this section, then click the OK button.

7. Save the contact Page Layout.

The nominate button has now been added to your Contacts page layout.

In the Hub

The nominate button resides on the Contact layout and looks like the image below. You can now encourage others in your organization to identify satisfied customers and nominate them to be advocates in your hub. 

All they have to do is click the button:

Once the button is clicked, a mini profile for the nominee / advocate will appear in the same space (as below).

At the same time, the nominated person will show up in your AdvocateHub's nominee list. The listing will appear as below - with the name of the person who nominated them and "Salesforce" as the source.

If the nominator (shown in the image above as Don Currie) is not a member of your Hub at the time of nomination, they will also be added to the list, with "unknown" as the source.

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