Salesforce AppExchange Package Setup Overview

General Installation Steps Overview:

  1. Install the new AppExchange Package for the first time
  2. Modify Page Layouts (in Contact, Lead, Account, Opportunity Objects)
  3. Clean up or delete any unused Influitive Dashboard Reports
  4. Authenticate / Connect Salesforce to AdvocateHub
  5. Turn on the integration features in AdvocateHub

The new version (3.5) includes the following features:

  • New Nominate Contact flow in the Hub side
  • Customizable Nominate Now button in Salesforce
  • Bug fixes

Previous 2.52 version release include:

  • Attach multiple reference requests to a single Contact
  • Include details on the Sales rep who made the request in the Challenge
  • Link Acts of Advocacy to an Opportunity for better reporting
  • View activities of your references in the Opportunity and Account records in Salesforce. This means that you can create a report to measure the influence of your reference program on the Opportunities.
  • Additionally, we have improved the UI for better navigation throughout the reference process
  • See more details here: 2.52 -  Salesforce Reference App

Previous 3.4 version release include:

  • Improvement of Reference criteria matching tool filters and searches
  • New Reference Request Tool Configuration settings
    • Choose to display with anonymized contacts in the recommendation criteria step
  • Add your reference contact preference method (e.g. Phone, Email, In person)

Please note that there is a possibility for future package upgrades to apply bug fixes and improvements.

Setup Instructions:

Before you start upgrading and installing this new version, you will need to access the correct instructions articles based on the version that your Salesforce instance is using. We did our best to accommodate your current instance to provide and guide you to a smooth transition to the newest and latest version.

You will need the following information with you to see which article to view and follow:

  • Is your instance mainly using Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning version? If you're using both versions, choose the one you're most comfortable with.
  • Have you ever installed the Influitive Salesforce AppExchange package before?
  • What Influitive Salesforce AdvocateHub AppExchange version do you currently have installed?

Please follow the table below to find your setup article:

*Please note that you would only need to install the package once if you're using both Salesforce Lightning and Classic. You will still need to go through the page layout changes in both the Lightning and Classic version.

Multiple Hubs CRM Setup Instructions:

Continue with the following instructions to enable Multiple Hubs CRM connection - Salesforce: MultiHub CRM Setup Overview


If you run into any issues or if you're not sure which instructions to follow, please contact and provide us with the following information:

  1. The issue that you’re experiencing or any error messages.
  2. The Salesforce version you are using (Lightning vs Classic)
  3. The AdvocateHub AppExchange version currently have installed
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