Customizing your Hub's sign in page

To customize your Hub's Sign In page, go to your Admin view, click the gear icon and then go to  Settings > Advocate Program > Sign-In. The content you enter here will appear on both the sign-up and sign-in pages for your members.

Formatting your sign-in/sign-up page is fairly straightforward. You can leverage the Rich Content Editor to add images, videos, and formatted text.

Using the Rich Content Editor

Follow the instructions in this article to get a full understanding of what formatting options are available in the editor, but the options are fairly straightforward and are presented in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) fashion so that you'll know exactly what the text, images, and video will look like to end-users.  To preview your work, you will need to Save the changes first and then click the Preview button on the top right-hand side of the page.

The editor is broken up into a few logical sections based on whether you want to stylize your text, adjust paragraph formatting, or insert video.


Let's walk through an example where we will add the following to our sign-in page:

  • A company logo image
  • A headline
  • An introductory paragraph
  • A list of benefits
  • A video

The end result will look like this:

Step 1: Adding an Image

1. Click on the "Insert Image Icon"

2. Either drag an image onto the dashed square area labelled "Drop image" or click on the box to open your File Explorer/Finder window and choose an image.

3. Once you've loaded the image, click on it to see some formatting and alignment options. Explore these to see what works for you. We will stick with the default alignment of centred.

Step 2: Adding a Headline

1. Start by typing your headline into the text box.

2. Highlight the text, then click the more text icon (the A with three dots to the left of it)

3. Click on the font size icon (the two As with a caret beside it) and choose a size that is to your liking. We will go with 30. So far we have the below:

Step 3: Adding a Paragraph and Bullets

1. Adding basic paragraph text is as easy as typing it into the text area. You can add bold, italics or underlines as desired using the editor or typical keyboard shortcuts (CTRL-U, CTRL-B, CTRL-I, etc).

2. To add a list of items either click on the unordered list icon (highlighted below) or the ordered list icon, then start typing in the first list item. Click Enter/Return to add items to the list. 

Step 4: Adding a Video

1. Click on the insert video icon (seen above). Insert your video URL (YouTube, Wistia, Twitch, Vidyard, Vimeo are accepted) and click Insert.

2. Click on the video to see options such as alignment, the ability to change the size or turn on autoplay.

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