Changing the default point value of challenge stages

Managing the default point structure is simple. First, make your way to the the Settings page. 

From here, click on Default Point Structure under the Scoring & Achievements heading.

Challenges are broken up into three separate sections: Simple, Moderate and Hard. Just use the sliding scale to change the values.  Keep in mind you are not tied down to these point values. When you create a challenge you can always change the points in the stages.

Finally, don't forget to hit the Save Changes button when you've finished.

Default Point Best Practices

  • Change "Completed Online Action" to 50
  • Change "Image Uploaded" to 200
  • Change "Link Shared" to 100
  • Change "Provided Net Promoter Score" to 100
  • Change "Questions answered" to 200
  • Change "Tweeted" to 100

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