Author User Types

Authors have most of the abilities of a regular administrator, but lack the ability to publish or approve challenges and rewards. They also do not have permission to alter system settings. This takes some of the cognitive burden off of the administrator for content creation but still leaves publication responsibly in the hands of the main administrator.

Creating an Author 

1. Navigate to Settings > System > User Management

2. Click on the Add User button

3. In the configuration pop-up, enter the user details and choose Author from the User Type drop down menu

The newly created Author user will receive an invitation email shortly thereafter.

What can an Author do?

Below is a table listing the tasks Author users are able to complete. 


✓ = Has permission to do this

x = Does not have permission to do this

Function Author Permissions
Create Challenges
Create Rewards
Publish Challenges x
Publish Rewards x
Modify Reward Visibility x
Approve / Reject Challenges x
Fulfill Rewards x
Create Groups
Delete Groups
Edit Groups
Add Nominee
Invite Nominees
Access Settings page x
View Reports x
Publish Experiences x
 Access API (All options)

If you'd like to create User Types with different permissions, take a look at our article on creating Roles.

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