Configuring a Custom Domain

Utilizing custom domains allows you to create a memorable URL for your AdvocateHub. It makes the experience of visiting more seamless. Allowing advocates to navigate to ‘’ or '' creates a branded experience.

Once you add a custom domain, there is no need to worry about broken links or bookmarks as any visit to your hub's * URL will be redirected to your custom domain automatically. This includes any links to challenges, discussion topics, forums, invite links, etc.

As a general rule, this custom domain should be a subdomain of your company's domain - e.g. (where hub is the subdomain).

Note: When logged in as an administrator, your custom domain will not be visible. You will always see the * domain. Further, advocates will be directed to the * for the login and sign up pages. Once logged in, they will always see your custom domain.

Guide to configuring a custom domain

Ask your IT department for help

Once you decide on a custom domain URL, speak with your IT department. They will need to add your AdvocateHub’s URL (<hub> as the DNS record in the form of a CNAME record.

Important! Never use an A record to set up your custom domain. Only CNAME records are supported. A records or IP records may break if there are server or hosting changes on our end. CNAME will always work.

Inform Influitive of your newly created custom domain before proceeding.

To ensure secure transport of information between your advocates and Influitive, we are required to configure a certificate for your new custom domain. We will use a tool called Let's Encrypt to generate this certificate. This will mean that your advocates will be going to

This is a relatively quick process, but Influitive must be informed first, in order to kick start the process. Please let your CSM, Launch consultant know or contact Influitive Support.

Configuring the custom domain on your AdvocateHub

Once Influitive Support has applied the certificate, visit your custom domain settings. Head to  Settings Advocate Program > Custom Domain.

Next, enter your custom domain URL in the text area. Please note that you  should not include http:// or www when entering your custom domain URL. An example URL to enter is ''.

Please note: it could take up to 24 hours for your custom domain to be active after you add it to your Hub.

Using root domain as a custom domain i.e.

The process is a bit different than using a subdomain. Please follow these steps closely to ensure advocates can get to your Hub regardless of whether or not they use or

1. Create a CNAME record for the www subdomain with the value: <yourhub>

e.g.: Host: / Value:

2. Set up a redirect for the naked domain (i.e. the domain without www) so it will always go to the www. version - thus redirect to your Hub correctly.

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