Formatting Of Influitive Webhooks

Note: Working with webhooks, require some amount of technical expertise and knowledge of working with APIs. We recommend working with someone who has these skills to set up custom integrations with webhooks.

If you'd like to see the formatting and exact field names for any particular webhook, you can send them to a temporary bin. This article will walk through the process using RequestBin.

There are many events which can trigger webhooks from within AdvocateHub (almost every Hub event in fact), so we won't go through all of them. We will use the Referral Submitted example below, but you can use the same process to check the payload of any webhook before you start working with it.

1. Set up a webhook in Influitive by following this path
  • Admin Name > Settings > System > Webhooks > Add a Webhook
2. In another tab, go to RequestBin and click on Create a RequestBin

3. Copy the Bin URL and paste it into the Influitive page, into the Webhook Provider URL Number 2. in the article linked above)

4. Name the Webhook (I'll call my webhook "Referral Submission")

5. For  Format, select either Form Post or JSON - this example uses Form Post

6. Scroll down and select an event - this example uses  Prospect Referred

7. Scroll to the bottom, and hit  Save.

Here's what the set up webhook looks like:

8. Now that everything is set up, you'll have to trigger it to send. To do this, simply complete the event you selected. Then, go back to RequestBin and refresh the page. You should see all the field names that Influitive passes over in a webhook for your particular event

In this Referral Submitted example, a referral is submitted as an advocate. 

Here's what the results in RequestBin look like:

You can see the event types available to trigger webhooks from and their definitions in our Event Types article!

Check out some common use cases for using our webhooks in the Zapier section of our Knowledge Base!

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