Nominee Management

What's the difference between an Advocate and a Nominee?

We use the term advocate to describe members of your AdvocateHub. These are users who have signed up for your hub.

We use the term nominee to denote potential advocates; that is, individuals who have not yet been invited to your hub. You can manually add nominees or upload them via CSV. Nominees also appear in the Nominee list if they have completed an AdvocateAnywhere challenge.

To see your Nominee list, go to the Advocates tab while you are in Admin View. Click on the Invite Nominees button:

On this page, you will see a list of your nominees. You can also find information regarding their NPS Score, Relationship, Challenge Completions and Last Activity (date and time).

Adding Nominees

To manually add a nominee, click on the Add a new Nominee button (see above). If you have integration in your hub, which you can read more about here, enter the nominee's email address then click Look up in Salesforce (see below image) to have the remaining contact information populated automatically.

From here, you can also add the  Nominee to a group (i.e. Fan Group, VIP, Employee).

Inviting Nominees

To invite a nominee, click on the check box beside their name, then click the, Invite/Upgrade button (see below). You can leave the default invitation message as-is, or you can customize it to fit the atmosphere of your AdvocateHub.

Once you invite a nominee, their record will be removed from the nominees list. Instead, they will display on the advocates list with a Not Joined flag.

Archiving Nominees

You may have no intention to invite certain nominees into your hub, so having them remain on the nominees list could make things cluttered. While we don't want to delete them in case you change your mind, we can archive them.

To archive any nominee, click on the check box beside the nominees name followed by clicking on Archive beside the Invite/Upgrade button. Archived nominees will not appear in the default list, but can be viewed by selecting Archived in the filter list on the left side of the page (see below).

Once a nominee is archived, there is no way to unarchive them. However, you may still invite archived nominees using the standard method of selecting them and clicking on the Send Email Invites button.

Searching and Sorting Nominees

The Nominees page also has searching and filtering capabilities for easily managing large lists of nominees. On the left side of the page you will find options to search by keyword, or to filter by Status, NPS Score, and Source (how the advocate was invited to the AdvocateHub). Click on the check boxes which match the criteria you wish to filter by (you can select multiple criteria). 

An updated list which matches your criteria will automatically appear to the right box the filter.

Please note that if SSO is enabled on your hub there may be some extra things you need to think about regarding Nominees, please read more here.

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