Invite List

Adding to the Invite List

To manually add an advocate, click on the Add to Invite List button (see above). If you have integration in your hub, which you can read more about here, you can enter an email address then click Lookup in Salesforce (see below image) to have the remaining contact information populated automatically.

From here, you can also add the member to a group.

Searching, Sorting and Selecting


The Invite List also has searching and filtering capabilities for easily managing large lists. On the left side of the page, you will find options to:

  • Search by: name or company
  • Filter by: Status, NPS Score, and Source (how they were added to the Influitive). 

Click on the checkboxes which match the criteria you wish to filter by (you can select multiple criteria). An updated list that matches your criteria will automatically appear to the right box the filter.


You can also sort the columns in the Invite List by clicking the columns to re-order the Type, Status, Created Date and Invite Sent Date.

Select All

Click Select All button to select all the users in the list.

If you would like to only select the users in one page, mark the box next to the Name column. It will select 20 users in one page.

Inviting, Archiving and Deleting

1. Use the filters on the left-hand side of the screen to find the user to invite. Mark the checkbox next to the name of the users to invite or archived. Click on the checkbox beside Name in order to select everyone on that page. Click on Select all to select all the users on all the pages.

2. If you want to invite them into the Hub and send an invitation, you can click the (2) Invite button. You can leave the default invitation message as-is, or you can customize it to fit the atmosphere of your Influitive hub.

3. Archiving

    1. You may have no intention to invite certain people into your hub, so having them remain on the list could make things cluttered. While we don't want to delete them in case you change your mind, we can archive them. Archived people will not appear in the invite list but can be viewed by selecting Archived in the Status filter list on the left side of the page (highlighted in the screenshot above).
    2. Once archived, there is no way to unarchive them. However, you may still invite archived people using the standard method of selecting them and clicking on the Send Email Invites button.

4. Deleting

Use the Delete button to remove the user from the Invite List permanently. Once deleted, the contact cannot be retrieved again. Please ensure you have checked the users that you selected to delete.

Exporting the Invite List

To export the list of users from the invite list, you can select the users to export and click Export button. An export file will be downloaded to the Notification center.

The export file will include the selected user's Name, Email, Type (Advocate / Nominee), Source, NPS, Status (invited, not invited), Create Date, Groups, Invitation Link and Invite Sent Date.

Please note that the Invitation Link is unique to each user and can be used to send Invitation emails from outside of the Influitive platform.

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