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Messaging is our upgrade to the legacy Inbox. With Messaging, you get access to a host of modern features for 1-1 and group communication. Messaging is an excellent way for admins to communicate directly with members and for members to create connections with other members. Whether sharing advice, sending fun gifs, or uploading and downloading files, Messaging has everything you need to take networking to the next level in your programs.

Create Groups or 1:1 Messages

Any member can now start a conversation with an admin, a fellow member, or a group of their choosing. This new method allows members to search the program for each other and initiate conversations. Chatting in a group offers lots of great networking opportunities. It's easy to start a group and just as easy to leave a group once the discussion ends.

Only Group Owners can rename groups, but anyone can add new members

You can also start new chats, as shown below:

You will receive an email notification like this for any new 1:1 Messages you receive. 

Note that for messages received in group messaging, there is no email notification at the moment.

Send Emojis, Gifs, and Attachments

Messaging supports easy-to-use emojis, gifs, and reactions! With these features, it's easier to express yourself with fellow members and add flair to conversations. We also support Slash Commands. Try typing “/giphy hello” and see what pops up!

In addition to emojis, gifs, and reactions, members and admins can now easily upload and share files. This is a fantastic way to share a variety of items:

  • Documents, PDFs, and Presentations 
  • Images and Videos 
  • And even Datasets and Code 

Note that the limit on the number of users that can be included in a message is 1000


Group messages can get very busy quickly, so we knew we had to have Threading. Creating a Thread is as easy as clicking a button. Threads can be initiated by members or admins and are a great way to dive deep into subtopics that come up in conversations between multiple people.

Message Admins

Be sure to set one or more of your administrative users as the Primary Admin(s) so members can easily contact you.

To message the administrators of a program, a member must click the new message button. Once they've done that, this quick action will appear.

Admin options are maintained. Admins can still configure welcome messages, give feedback, send bulk messages with merge fields (Note that this won’t create a group message), etc. Permissions are maintained for admins who are allowed to access chat.

Note that turning off Chat, will still allow members and admins to message each other.

More Options With Chat

We’ve also added the ability to toggle read receipts on/off, customize notifications, and archive Messages. Your message history will not be carried over. We will add a link that takes you to the old inbox to view your messaging history. This will remain active for 6-12 months. If you wish to view old Messages in your legacy Inbox, click “Legacy Inbox History” in the dropdown above the left-hand search bar. 

This feature also includes a responsive design for all devices, allowing content to render differently depending on the device or screen size to give users an optimal experience.

Best Practices

In addition to the common use cases for Messaging like getting Challenge feedback, sending messages to members in bulk, etc. Customers can find new ways to take advantage by:

  • Using Group Messages to start conversations between like-minded members based on Location, Use Case, or area of interest
  • Organize break out chat-rooms for live events.
  • Facilitate customer references and schedule discussions between members.
  • Create Channels with exclusive groups of members like an Advisory Board, Reference Group, or Beta Customers.
  • … tell us your ideas!

A walkthrough of the chat feature and how to seamlessly use it is demonstrated in below video;

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