Multilingual Email Invitation

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Setup Email Invitation Translation

Before you send any emails to your users, you need to ensure there are translations available for the email invitation that you're going to send. To do this, click the gear icon from your menu bar, click on  Settings > System > Translations. The Translations page has been introduced to help you manage all your Multilingual related Settings information in one place.

Next, select the language that you're looking to add the translation to, then head over to the Email tab.

Scroll down until you find Invitation Email

Enter the translation content for Subject, Body and CTA button in the email invitation. Click Save once you're happy with the content.

If you are setting up multiple languages, repeat the steps for each language and for each Email invitation reminder (2 day, 7 day, 14 day and etc). Don't forget to hit Save!

Next, navigate to  Settings > Advocate Program > Languages to ensure that you've added the language that you've just provided the translation for.

Previewing your Invite Email

To preview your translated email invitation, head over to the Settings > Email > Invitations. Select any of the invitation and click Preview.

In the Preview window, you can change the language to preview the translated content.

Adding users and their preferred language

Via Invite List
  1. In your admin view, head over to Members > Invite List
  2. Select Add to Invite List > Add Contact
  3. In this window, you can pre-select the language for the user to send the invitation to

  4. Click on Add Advocate.

Via CSV Import

You can use this method if you would like to add the users and their prefered language in bulk.

  1. In your admin view, head over to Members > Invite List
  2. Select Import Advocates
  3. Select 'Download a template' > A file will be automatically downloaded to your computer
  4. Open the file and enter the user's Name and Email address under the Name and Email Address Column.
  5. Under the Language Column, enter any of the following language code:

    French: fr
    German: de
    Spanish: es
    Portuguese: pt
    Italian: it
    Chinese (Simplified): zh_CN
    Japanese: ja
    Korean: ko


  6. Save the file and upload it to the import.
  7. The users should now appear in the Invite List along with the entered preferred language.

Send translated email invitations to the user

  1. Now that you've added the users with their preferred language, head over to the Members > Invite List
  2. Search for the users that you'd like to invite and mark the checkbox next to their name.
  3. After that, click Send Invite
  4. In this window, you can preview the translated email invitation content before you sent it to the user

  5. Click Send invite to send the invitation.

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