Group and Profile Leaderboards


Customers can create a leaderboard associated to a group, for each leaderboard created, members will see a scrollable list of leaderboards for the groups they are members of.

You can also create a leaderboard based on a Profile Field value. This will dynamically generate a leaderboard for each value of that profile field. Users who have that value will only see that leaderboard. For example, if a leaderboard is added for the Country field, each country will have their own leaderboard.

Setup instructions

To configure your leaderboards:

  1. Go to your Admin view
  2. Click on the Gear Icon > Settings
  3. Click on Scoring & Achievement > Leaderboards
  4. Mark the checkbox to enable the Global Leaderboard. The Global Leaderboard will include all the Hub members in the Hub and display all the Hub member's standing in the Hub.
  5. To add a new leaderboard, select + Add Leaderboard.

  6. You can select if you'd like to create a leaderboard based on: 
    1. Group
    2. Profile Fields
  7. Once you're happy with it, click the Save button.

Member's view

Members will see the title of each Leaderboard to help them understand who they’re competing against. If they are a member of multiple Group Leaderboards, they can easily switch between Leaderboards to see their position in each.

The Members can also choose to remove themselves from the leaderboard. This will show them as Anonymous in the leaderboard.

Important Notes:

  • There is currently no limits on how many leaderboards you can create.
  • The Group and Profile leaderboards will only show on the homepage and the channel leaderboard will remain specific to the channel.
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