If you're looking to send Reachdesk gifts as Influitive rewards, follow these simple steps to get integrated.

Here is an overview of the steps:

  1. Link your Reachdesk Account
  2. Create a webhook

Link your Reachdesk Account

  1. Login to your Reachdesk account and go to Integrations
  2. Click Link Influitive Account

  3. You'll be taken to the page below, where you need to fill in your authorization token and your org ID:

  4. Head into Influitive to copy and add the Authorization Token and Organization ID.
  5. You can find the Authorization token and Organization ID for your instance by logging into your Influitive administrator account > Admin view >
    Click on the gear icon > Integrations > Influitive API > Manage > Setup. Copy both the values there, and paste into Reachdesk.

    Do not include the word "Token" for the Authorization code.
  6. Click Save to save the setup.
  7. Next, copy the Webhook URL for the next part of the setup.

Create a webhook

  1. Login to your Influitive > Admin view > Click on the gear icon > Settings
  2. Select System > Click Webhooks
  3. Click Add a Webhook

  4. Webhook Name should be something like 'Reachdesk Gifts'.
  5. In the Webhook Provider URL, paste in your webhook URL found in Influitive integration page in Reachdesk. 
  6. Format should be 'Form Post' and Type should be 'Event'. 
  7. Run webhook on these events, should be 'Reward Redemption Requested'.

  8. Click Save to add the webhook.

Start sending gifts from Reachdesk

For sending e-gifts, more information here.

For sending physical gifts, more information here

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