Password Setup Requirements

AdvocateHub Program Managers can choose a password length requirement between 8 and 16 characters. This password will only affect the password used to login to AdvocateHub without Single Sign On.

To change this requirement, here are the steps:

  1. Login to the AdvocateHub as a Hub Administrator > Click on the gear icon > Settings > Systems > Login / Security
  2. Under the Signup Types, you will see the Password Settings sections just below it.
  3. The default minimum limit is 12 characters. However, you can change the minimum password anywhere between 8 until 16 characters.

Some notes on this change:

  • Special character requirements remain in effect. Users will need at least three of Uppercase or Lowercase or Numbers or Symbols in their password.
  • Changing this setting will not impact existing users (i.e. they won’t have to change their password to reflect the new requirement) 

Edge Case:

Password complexity can be bypassed if a user is a member of multiple hubs. This is because the same password would need to be used when you are using the same email address to join more than one Hub. For example, if Hub A has a minimum of 8 characters and Hub B has a minimum of 10 characters, the user can sign up using the 8 characters password requirement to Hub B. This use case will be resolved in an upcoming roadmap item.

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