Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo offers an SMS & Email marketing automation platform for campaigns driven by a free Customer Data Platform with integrations, data visualization and more. It is directly Integrate with Shopify for driving marketing automation based on e-commerce activity.

Influitive Integrates with Klaviyo in 3 different ways:

  1. Profile Data Sync
  2. Groups & Lists Sync
  3. Event & Metrics Sync


In order for Influitive to communicate with Klaviyo's API, you'll first need to generate a new API key. In Klaviyo, go to your Account Settings > API Keys, and generate a new Private API Key. In the Influitive integration page for Klaviyo, input your Public API key and the Private key you generated. Once authenticated you can choose between the various integrations points detailed below.

Profile Data Sync

By enabling the Profile Data Sync, customers can sync profile fields from Influitive with Klaviyo's custom fields in a bi-directional manner.

To start, you must choose a Klaviyo List for Influitive to pull contacts from. This can be a subset of your contacts or a List containing everyone in your Klaviyo Database. Once you've chosen your list, we will automatically create associated Groups in Influitive that will stay up to date with your Klaviyo Lists. You can choose as many lists as you'd like to import into Influitive.

When a group is mapped to import from a Klaviyo List, a chip will appear on that group in the Influitive app. Targeting rules can still be adjusted to add more members, any manual group removals are pointless

You can also choose to use Klaviyo to import new users and send invitations to each new user imported using this option on the Integration page.

Once you've chosen your lists, we will now pull in contacts contained within them. You can choose the mappings between Influitive Profile Fields and Klaviyo Custom fields for these contacts. For each mapping you can choose between the following Sync options:

  • One Time Pull: The field will be pulled in once for each new contact in the system. Afterwards that field can be updated by other means such as the Salesforce integration, Questions Stage, or manually by the member themselves.
  • Continual Push: The field will be continually pushed to Klaviyo as it gets updated within Influitive
  • Continual Pull: The field will be continually pulled into Influitive as it gets updated within Klaviyo
  • Bi-directional Sync: The field will be kept in sync between the two systems based on where it is most recently updated

All sync options will run on a cadence of every 2 minutes, meaning any changes to fields should be visible within 2 minutes.

When a profile field is mapped to Klaviyo as the Source of Truth (Continual Pull) a chip will appear on the profile field in the Influitive app. This will limit your ability to use this field in conjunction with other profile field sync features such as Salesforce or SSO.

Groups & Lists Sync

By enabling the Groups & Lists Sync, customers can sync members of Influitive groups to Klaviyo's Lists, to keep both systems in sync for all of your segmentation efforts and marketing campaigns. Select a groups you've created in Influitive and match it up with a List within Klaviyo. Lists are pushed on a cadence of every 2 minutes.

It's important to note that when pushing Influitive Groups to Klaviyo Lists, only group additions will get synced and not group removals either done manually or via targeting. 

Pull Metrics

By enabling the Pull Metrics options, customers can sync Metrics from Klaviyo to Influitive and award points for each event. Metrics are synced on a cadence of every 2 minutes. All historic Metrics will be pulled in for each contact in addition to new metrics.

The custom event will look like this:

Push Events

By enabling the Push Events options, customers can send events that happen within Influitive to Klaviyo to kick off workflows or populate important activities for your Email Campaigns. Events are pushed instantly as they happen.

Events will look like this within Klaviyo:

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