Printfection is a swag management platform that makes sourcing, storing, and shipping swag easy. The Printfection/Influitive integration allows you to easily let your employees and key stakeholders redeem points to get impactful curated swag!

Sign up for a Printfection Account

If you are not already a Printfection customer, take a look at their offerings, and reach out to the  Printfection team on their website:

Create a Printfection Campaign

We will need to tie a Printfection campaign to Influitive. You are free to use an existing campaign that you already have set up or you can create a specific Printfection Campaign for Influitive. The items included in this Printfection Campaign will be the items you will make available for redemption within Influitive.

You will need to give this Campaign ID to Influitive when we are enabling the integration.

Notify Influitive

Now you will need to contact Influitive Support ( to enable the Integration from the back-end for your AdvocateHub. Influitive will need your Printfection API key and your Printfection Campaign ID

Once we have completed this step, the two systems should be connected and ready to go and all that is left to do is to build out the Influitive rewards.

Configuring Printfection Rewards In Influitive

1. The first checkbox you will see on the Fulfillment tab indicates whether you would like this process to be fully automated or you would like to manually approve the redemption.

If the box is checked it means you will need to approve the redemption when someone requests the reward. To do this you can click the green Approve Without Fulfilling button under the Rewards section of the Items To Review area of your Admin Dashboard.

If this box is not checked, the redemption will be automatically sent to Printfection and fulfilled in Influitive so there is no action required.

  1. Also on the Fulfillment tab of the reward creation page, you need to choose the 'Manual'  radio button:

3. On the Headline tab of the reward creation page, scroll down to 'Auto Fulfillment Data' section and enter "Printfection" in the Provider field and your Printfection SKU/Item ID in the Sku field. You are free to fill out the rest of the field on this page however you like:

4. On the  Redeeming tab of the reward creation page, scroll all the way to the bottom and ensure the Shipping Information checkbox is enabled:

5. Finally, if the item you are creating has different sizes associated with it, you will need to ask your Advocates which size they would like. You can find the option to do this on the Redeeming tab under the 'Ask your Advocates' section. It is very important that the sizing options you provide as possible answers look exactly like the below in terms of matching up with the Printfection sizes:

How It Works

Now that everything is set up you are ready to go! When an Advocate requests a reward in Influitive we will check with Printfection to make sure the item requested is in stock. If it is not in stock we will decline the redemption with a note explaining why and the Advocate points will be returned. If there is stock, we continue to create the order with Printfection.

We will then mark the redemption as ‘fulfilled’, closing the loop. If the order is canceled in Printfection at any time after this point then the Admin will need to manually give the points back to the Advocate.

Remember, if you have checked the checkbox that says 'Administrator Approval Required' then you will need to automatically approve the redemptions before we create an order with Printfection. If this box is not checked then everything will be fully automated.

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