Welcome and Onboarding Page

Customize the Welcome and Onboarding Page that your Hub members will see when they first joined the Hub.


It is recommended to have a clear and transparent introduction to your AdvocateHub programs to help new Hub members settle in with their Hub account. You can also use this onboarding journey to collect user's information to better segment the Hub content. There are currently two options to do this:

  1. The standard customizable Welcome Page. Here's an example of what the members can see when they first sign into the Hub:

  2. Select or create a specific Onboarding Challenge as the first thing the newly joined members see in the AdvocateHub. Here's an example of what the members see when they first sign into the Hub:


  1. To set up, please login to your AdvocateHub as a Hub administrator. You will need access to the Settings page.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the top right hand side of the screen > Settings
  3. Under “Advocate Program” select “Member Onboarding”
  4. Toggle “Show onboarding flow to new members” to “On” or click the Enable button

Standard Onboarding

Next, if you select "With standard onboarding" you can add or edit the text, images or even add videos to the welcome page using the Rich Content Editor. Refer to the following article on how to Format Hub Content with Rich Content Editor.

After the Welcome page is displayed, the Hub user will be asked to complete their Profile.

Onboarding Challenge

If you select "With a challenge" option, a specific challenge can be selected to be the first challenge the Hub members see when they first join the Hub.

You could use any challenges that you would like and even create a new challenge.

  • Ensure the Challenge properly entices members to join the program.
  • Include any important information needed for members to get settled into the program.
  • Include any key questions to ask members for content segmentation.

However, Influitive does offer a challenge template that you can use and customize to your liking. To access the template:

  1. Head over to the Program Tab > Challenges > Add New > Templated Hub Challenge.
  2. Select the Influitive Onboarding folder > select the highlighted challenge below > Click Use Template
  3. Please review the challenge description, image, and stages and customize them to your liking.
  4. Once ready, feel free to set the Targeting rules and set to publish the onboarding challenge.

Once you've selected the Challenge from the dropdown list. You can view the Ranking set for the challenge. To make edits to the challenge, click on "Edit Challenge" and you'll be directed to the specific challenge's edit page.

There is an option whether to display a Skip for now option in the Onboarding challenge. This option is beneficial in case members would like to skip the onboarding challenge or complete the challenge later. However, if the onboarding challenge is necessary for members to complete, we recommend hiding the Skip option.

Clicking skip in the middle of the challenge will direct the members to the Homepage. Not to worry, the Onboarding challenge will still be available for the members on their Challenges page to complete at a later time.

Once you're happy with the Setup, click Save button to save all the setup.


  1. The targeting rules and ranking of the challenge selected will be respected. This means that only members that meet the targeting criteria of the selected challenge will be able to see this challenge after signing up.
  2. The member who does not meet the targeting of the Onboarding challenge will be directed straight to the Homepage.
  3. Existing joined Hub members who have joined the hub after the Onboarding Challenge feature release date (i.e June 30, 2021) will be able to see the onboarding challenge. Any advocate who has joined the hub before the feature release date will not be able to see the challenge, even if they are targeted. 

    We recommend creating a new onboarding challenge for the existing members as they may have a different experience compared to the newly joined members.

    You can target the challenge for existing users only by using the following targeting: Exclude Members joined in the last week OR Exclude members who have completed the new member onboarding challenge.

Testing the Setup

  1. You can preview the Member Onboarding setup by clicking the Preview button.

  2. Another way is to sign up as a test user in the Hub. Please see the following article on how to create a test account.
  3. Once done with the test, you can delete the test user account and all the activities and points will be reset.
  4. Unfortunately, the Lenses feature cannot be used to test this as it would require to show the sign up process.

Complete User Flow

Standard onboarding: Sign up > Consent (if enabled) > Welcome Screen > Fill out your Profile Screen > Home

Challenge onboarding: Sign up > Consent (if enabled) > Welcome Screen > Challenge Stage 1 > (Challenge Stage n) > Completion Screen > Home


Program Managers can now monitor each stage of this Challenge in the Onboarding Funnel report found in Reports > Standard > Onboarding Funnel.
This allows Program Managers to see exactly where members drop off in the onboarding process. It is a good idea to also view your Retention Report Dashboards (Found under Dashboards > Retention) to see if there are any improvements that can be made to your Onboarding process.


Translations are available for the Standard custom welcome page and the onboarding challenge. See Multilingual article to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the full user flow?
    Standard onboarding: Sign up > Consent (if enabled) > Welcome Screen > Fill out your Profile Screen > Home

    Challenge onboarding: Sign up > Consent (if enabled) > Welcome Screen > Challenge Stage 1 > (Challenge Stage n) > Completion Screen > Home
  2. What do members see if they’re not included in the onboarding challenge targeting?
    Anyone who isn’t targeted to the onboarding challenge will be taken directly to the homepage from the signup page (or Consent page if enabled). They will not see the onboarding experience.
  3. Can I target this onboarding to a subset of my members?
    Yes. However, those not targeted will not receive any onboarding at all and will go straight to the Homepage.
  4. Will users who have previously joined but not done anything see the new onboarding?
    If the users have joined the hub after the Onboarding Challenge feature release date (i.e June 30, 2021), they will be able to see the onboarding challenge.

    We recommend creating a different challenge for the existing users in the Hub. You can add the following targeting exclusions: Exclude Members who joined in the last week OR Members who have completed: Onboarding Challenge.
  5. How do you test new onboarding?
    In order to test, target your onboarding challenge to test accounts only, and sign up for your hub using a test account.
  6. What if I already have an existing onboarding challenge that I’d like to use?
    You can use an existing challenge for the onboarding challenge, just make sure you are aware of any users that have completed the challenge. If you are relying on the onboarding challenge for segmentation purposes you may consider creating a new challenge or cloning your challenge.
  7. How many stages should I use for my onboarding challenge? How many questions should I include in each stage?
    We recommend fewer than 2-3 stages and fewer than 2-3 questions per stage.
  8. What is the experience like in Mobile App / Mobile Web?
    When new members accessed the Hub via a Mobile browser, they will be able to see the Onboarding challenge or Welcome Page as normal.

    The AdvocateHub App doesn't allow sign ups so they will not see the Onboarding process in the App. We recommend new members to join the Hub via a desktop / computer browser instead.
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