Challenge Stage: Referral Social Share

The Referral Social Share stage allows members to earn points for sharing their personal referral link on social media.

How it works

The stage is similar to a standard social share stage, but instead of a field to add a link, you will be prompted to choose a Referrals campaign.

The link shared by members will lead to the form for the chosen Referrals campaign.

If a Referrals campaign has an associated Challenge using the  Referrals Social Share stage, a Challenge Card will appear on the Referrals campaign page.

This will replace the standard “Refer by sharing” options (pictured below).

Targeting and Challenge completion limits are respected. This means that if the Challenge is no longer available, the default “Refer by sharing” section will appear.

How Tracking is done for this stage

Acts of Advocacy

Three new Advocacy Types have been introduced to reflect the action of sharing the Referral link to the three social networks Influitive currently integrates with.

Under Admin view > Gear icon > Settings > ROI Values, you can customize the currency value for the action.

Event logs

Event Types have been added as well. This is added in order to differentiate between regular social share and social referrals. These events can be used to filter in the Activity Feed, User's profile feed and Reports.


Program Managers can track referral link clicks in AdvocateHub’s Social Influence reports. The source of the link will appear as referral_campaign in click reports. This report will count the number of clicks the shared referral link had.

Link Source Type

  • referral_campaign = shared from either the Referrals campaign page OR new Referrals Social Share stage
  • challenge = shared from regular social shares Challenge stage 

Some caveats to watch out for
  • Once the challenge is completed, the challenge card should disappear from the Referral Campaign Page
  • Google Analytics Integration that automatically happens UTM codes to social shares will not apply to the referral social share links
  • If there are multiple challenges directing to the same Referral Campaign, it will only show the latest created challenge card in the Referral campaign. Once one is completed, the next available one will appear.

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