Invite Users Directly to Translated Content

You can now invite users directly to a translated sign up page with new multilingual URL parameters.

This feature gives you the ability to send Influitive Join Code URLs that immediately open the content to a specific language. For example, if you want to invite a collection of French users, it’s best to send a sign-up link that directs them to a French sign-up page! Once they signed up, they will access the Hub's content in the same translated language. This is now possible with the addition of a simple bit of text to any URL indicating which language the page should be presented in.

Please note that this method of joining will only retain the language on the first session, it will not automatically change the user's Language option in their profile.

Here's how to set it up

In your AdvocateHub, create a Group that will only be used for this purpose. Ensure that you have set up a join code. Follow along with this article on setting up a Group if you are not sure how.

For example:
Once you have your join code, add the following URL Parameter at the end of the URL.

List of language_code:

French: fr
German: de
Spanish: es
Portuguese: pt
Italian: it
Chinese (Simplified): zh_CN
Japanese: ja
Korean: ko
So the Join Code URL should look like the following:
You copy and paste the Join Code URL to send to your users and they will be directed to a translated content.

What is the experience for members?

They click on the Group Invite Link you've created specifically for the language in question.
They are prompted to join the Hub in the translated language

Once the users created a password and signed up to the Hub, they will also be able to see the rest of the Hub content in the translated Language. Please ensure you have set up your translations in your Hub, see this article for more details - Multilingual.

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