Invite New Members Directly Into a Channel

What is it?

This feature allows you to invite new members into your AdvocateHub and have them land directly in a Channel. 

Default invitation functionality does not allow you to invite members into a Channel directly. Rather, they must first land on the home page, then navigate to the Channel of interest. With some help from Influitive Support, you can have members bypass the home page.

Note: This feature only works for net-new members. There is currently no way for existing members to obtain a direct link to a Channel.

Why would I use it?

There are a few situations where you'd want people to join directly into a Channel. That can include:

  • When you are hosting an online event in your Hub and using a specific Channel.
  • When you have different training flows people need to complete before participating in the greater

How do I set it up?

In your AdvocateHub, create a Group that will only be used for this purpose. Ensure that you have set up a join code. Follow along with this article on setting up a Group if you are not sure how.
If you don't already have a Channel in mind, create one now. If you do have a Channel in mind, take note of its name. You will need to provide this to Influitive Support.
Send an email to with the name of the Group and the Channel. They will configure the system for you.
Share the Invite URL for the Group to those who should join the Channel via email, Slack message, flyer, etc.

What is the experience for members?

They click on the Group Invite Link you've created specifically for the Channel in question. This will not work with invitations from AdvocateHub.

They are prompted to join the Hub.

They are asked to complete the Terms and Conditions page.

They are presented with the "Onboarding" message and profile update modal.

They are placed directly in the Channel.

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