Updating Hub Member's Email Address

Does your Hub member have trouble changing their Hub profile's email address? As Hub Administrators, you can now change, edit or update Hub member's email address in their Hub profile. When this happens, the member will receive an email to both the old and new email indicating their account was changed.

Please note that you cannot change a member's email address if they are a member of more than one Hub. To help change the email, please contact support@influitive.com

  1. In you Admin view > Go to Members Tab > Advocates > Search and open the member's Profile. You can access their full profile by selecting See full profile.

  2. Once in the member's profile, click Edit.

  3. Under the Details Tab, in the Email address field, type the new email address.

  4. Once happy with the changes, click Save profile
  5. The Hub Member will receive an email on their old email and their new email.

    Email sent to the old email

    Email sent to the new email address

Please note that this email change will not change the password. If the Hub member does not recall their password, you may help reset them as well. Please refer to How to Help Members Reset Their Password

Common Errors

If you received an error when trying to change the user's email address, it is likely that the updated / new email address already exists in the Hub. Since there could only be one unique email in the Hub, you would need to remove or delete the other existing email address.

First, search the existing email address in your Hub, by searching the email on the Advocates Tab (Admin view > Members Tab > Advocates). If it's not there, please search the Invite List (Admin view > Members Tab > Invite List).

If you are unable to resolve this issue, please contact support@influitive.com.

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