Configuring your Program's Points Structure

To set the default point structure for your hub, navigate to Settings > Scoring & Achievements > Default Point Structure

Here you’ll be able to set the default point values you would like to associate with key member activities such as uploading an image, sharing a link, or providing a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

To adjust point values, simply adjust the sliders until your desired point values show in the ‘Default Points’ column and click ‘Save Changes’.

Next time you go to create a Challenge when you select a stage that has a point value assigned to it under the ‘Default Point Structure’, it will auto-populate with the point value you have set. You can opt to change the points for individual Challenges as required. 

Note: The point structure changes will not retroactively modify the points for existing Challenges/Stages. It only applies to new Stages going forward.

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