Salesforce: Using the Influitive Dashboard and creating your own Reports


To access the Influitive Salesforce Dashboard, you will first need to complete the Influitive Salesforce AppExchange Package Setup Overview.

The Influitive Salesforce Dashboard will then appear on your list of Dashboards. The goal of this dashboard is to provide a quick snapshot of your advocate marketing program that is easy to share with others as well as adding to other Salesforce dashboards.

Here's the view in Salesforce Classic:

Here's the view in Salesforce Lightning:

This dashboard provides the following information:

  1. Number References received in the Influitive Hub. This counts the number of Join a Reference call Acts of Advocacy logged in the Opportunity.
  2. Win-rates on Opportunities with references. This shows the percentage of the closed-won Opportunities with Join a Reference call Acts of Advocacy recorded.
  3. Win-rates on Opportunities without references. This shows the percentage of all closed-won Opportunities.
  4. Total pipeline revenue influenced by references. Shows the dollar value of Opportunities with Join a Reference call Acts of Advocacy logged.
  5. Acts of Advocacy by Account. The number of advocacy acts completed separated by Accounts.
  6. Most engaged contact. This report can list the contact that has done the most acts of advocacy and are considered as engaged in the Influitive Hub.
  7. ROI Value by Account. This report can show you the sum of Return of Investment values generated from the Acts of Advocacy separated by Accounts.
  8. Acts of Advocacy Trend. This report can show you the dates where there are a number of acts of advocacy completions.
  9. Last but not least, the list of recent acts of advocacy activities from all the contacts

Creating Custom Reports

While viewing the prebuilt dashboard or within your SalesForce reports section, you can create your own reports that pull in Acts of Advocacy Data from Influitive. You can get started by creating a new report or by jumping from an existing report as shown below:

Creating a new Report (Classic)

Creating a new Report (Classic)

Modify Existing Report (Lightning)

Once you're in the Report Creator you can view the available fields by searching in the field picker. Look for the Act of Advocacy Object.

Drag any fields you want into the report and add the appropriate filters such as on the Advocacy Type, the Date Occurred, or the Account or Contact. Once your report is saved you can choose to download the full result set or to save it to an existing dashboard.

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