Salesforce: Multi Hub CRM Setup

This article covers the following:

This is an additional setup for Multi Hub customers who are looking to connect multiple Hubs into one Salesforce instance. To be able to continue with this setup, please ensure you fulfilled the following checklist.

MultiHub Checklist

  1. You have the list of Hub URLs and access to the AdvocateHubs that are in your Hub Family.
  2. Installed the latest Influitive AppExchange Package version. Please see: New Influitive Salesforce AppExchange Package Setup Overview
  3. Have added the Influitive Acts of Advocacy component in your Salesforce's Account and Contacts Page Layout.
  4. Have added the Nominate Contact / Contact Converted into the Contacts Page Layout.
  5. Have added the Reference Request tool in the Opportunity Layout. This is a paid feature so it may not be applicable for you, please contact your CSM.

Once you have fulfilled all the criteria above, you may proceed to the MultiHub Setup.

MultiHub Setup Overview

This additional instruction will go over the following:

  1. Adding Influitive Hub Mappings Tool
  2. Adding the Influitive Hub Details Component and removing the Date Created and Date Joined fields from the Contact Page Layout.
  3. Connecting all of your AdvocateHubs to your Salesforce
  4. Setting Automatic Customer Data Import Query for each connected AdvocateHub
  5. Overview of the Influitive MultiHub CRM functions and tools

The following articles are the same but tailored to the Salesforce version you are using. Please select the correct instructions based on Salesforce version that you're using (Classic vs Lightning).

  1. Salesforce Classic: Multi Hub CRM Setup
  2. Salesforce Lightning: Multi Hub CRM Setup

MultiHub Features

This new AppExchange Package will include the following new MultiHub features:

  1. Acts of Advocacy Insights differentiated by each Hub, identified by the Program Name column.
  2. Display multiple Visualforce page advocate profile insights in each Hub and the nominate button to add the user to the specific Hub's invitation list.
  3. Salesforce Reporting Dashboard that includes advocacy information from all the Hub family. You can now customize the reports to show different acts of advocacy in each of your Hub.
  4. Influitive Hub Details replaces the Date Joined and Date Added to AdvocateHub to show the Hubs that the Salesforce contact is a part of. This would affect the query that you have input in your Automatic Customer Data Import tool.

  5. Ability to Select the AdvocateHub to push the Reference Request Challenge

More information on this can be found here:

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